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Asylum of Apathy, State of Negation, For Blood And Vengeance - An awesome local album release
Krachtstroom is a new event in De Vorstin to show some up-and-coming metalbands to the local scene. The Hilversum-based band Asylum Of Apathy must have thought that this was the best way to release an album. The band needed some support to pump the crowd up, so State Of Negation and For Blood And Vengeance played as well. 

The latter is an Almere based hardcore band that earned some respect by performing as support act for other hardcore bands. Today, on the other hand, they supported a band from quite a different genre. Although the band had some material problems with guitarcables etc., the crowd got really into it and it resulted in some hardcore moves by the lead vocalist of Asylum Of Apathy and some others. I'm fairly sure the band earned some respect and probably got some more fans today because of their performance. The only pity was that the room was quite empty, because this band deserves more and could receive some more energy because they gave so much as well! Keep an eye out for this band.

The next band was State Of Negation, a band I'd seen some times before but nearly always in a different line-up. This time it didn't really work out as well as other times. The band wasn't always tight and they became quite boring after a few songs. Nevertheless, they got the crowd going and even saw some movement in return. The performance wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't that bad either. It just isn't my cup of tea.

The room got quite packed for the very last band and everyone wanted to show their respect for its members. Friends, fans, family, everyone was there, from metalheads to punkers and even some hiphoppers. Asylum of Apathy hasn't performed very many shows yet, but they've really built a name because they played with Haribo Macht Kinder Froh, I Chaos, GNADAB, To Heaven Earth Is Hell and many other bands. Everybody knew this band was tight as fuck and would grow even more when they performed for the second time ever, now over a year ago. Today they had some more experience, a lot more songs and they were siked to play in their hometown. The crowd went crazy from the very first song because this band has earned so much respect. Screaming out loud, singing along and moshing, everything happened. When the band asked the crowd to smash a guitar down to dust, a few people couldn't wait to break that thing down on the ground as hard as they could. Both the band and the crowd showed a lot of energy and this party came to an end far too early. Of course they played very tight as usual and their cover of "Angel Of Death" by Slayer was also pretty awesome, due to the heavier grunts.

I would recommend everyone to see both For Blood And Vengeance and Asylum Of Apathy live. Everyone can also download the released album 'Abomination' for free. Keep track of these bands, because their future could be quite bright!