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Crossfaith, Silent Screams, Coldrain, Cytota - Crossfaith turned Tivoli de Helling into dust
Crossfaith" title="Search for Crossfaith">Crossfaith was founded in 2006 already, but it was in 2012 that the band showed up in The Netherlands for the first time as a support act for Bleed From Within and Bury Tomorrow. In this short time they played as a support act of Skindred and festivals such as Groezrock, Graspop, Rock Am Ring, Download, Vans Warped Tour and many more. Tonight they will play their first ever headline show in The Netherlands and they brought Cytota, Coldrain and Silent Screams.

The first band tonight was the British melodic metalcore band Cytota. This band released their debut record this year and has never performed in The Netherlands before. While this wasn’t the best performance ever, it was a pleasant act for the opening spot. The reason this wasn’t the best performance was that the band didn’t play flawless, the sounds wasn’t perfect and the vocals were sometimes out of tune. The reason that this was a pleasant band was because you definitely could see the potential. Also the mindset of this band was very good. Because the band wasn’t really known yet and it was the first band, there wasn’t much movement. Therefore the vocalist went off stage and started a moshpit a few times. The band lacks a little experience at the moment, but keep an eye on them! The second band was the first Japanese act of tonight. Coldrain was playing for the second time in The Netherlands, the first time being back in February this year as a support of Callejon and Bullet For My Valentine. Back then the band struggled with the clean vocals and had a lack of energy, while this really were the stronger points today. The band got brought some fans in today and there was quite more movement comparing to the last band. The sound was also way better compared to how it was mixed off during Cytota. The band played very tight, with a high energy level and the vocalist showed that he was a good entertainer as well. This performance was really good and in my eyes way better than the show with BFMV. Keep an eye out for this band as well because they will perform way more I guess.
Silent Screams" title="Search for
Silent Screams">
Silent Screams
was the second British band and started off pretty well. The band got quite some movement and played pretty tight. Nevertheless it all faded into one little blur after a few songs, because it sounded like one long song. I guess some people knew this already, because about half the room was empty compared to Coldrain. A lot of people were talking during the band and it seemed like the lead vocalist got a little pissed off about this all. This band in my opinion was dime a dozen and not more or less than that. It was fun for a few songs but got a little boring throughout the set.

Of course it was time for the sound check of Crossfaith. The headliner of today decided to do it a little bit different than normally. While hearing a computer voice saying: “The show will start in 20 minutes”, this kicked off a pre-recorded set of electronic music containing styles as dubstep, dance, drum ‘n bass and some others. Meanwhile the band checked if the instruments were tuned off perfectly. The crowd enjoyed it and a lot of people kept jumping and having a good time within these 20 minutes.

After this little prelude the band entered the stage as we seen many times before. A lot of rehearsed show and after every member was on the stage, the band began with the song ‘We Are The Future’ and the moshpit began right away. Backing vocalist Tamano also liked this because within the first two numbers he was already stagediving. Half of the set contained songs from the same album, Apocalyze which was released in 2013. Songs as ‘Hounds Of The Apocalypse’, ‘The Evolution’ and ‘Countdown To Hell’ followed each other up. Then it was time to pass some Jägermeister around the crowd, a huge mosh pit and a massive sing along with the song ‘Jägerbomb’. The band played very tight as always, the crowd loved the band, and the band loved the energy and tried to get even more out of it. It still doesn’t matter if they are the headliner, play at the mainstage of Vans Warped tour or are the support of Skindred in the Oude Zaal of the Melkweg, they seem to approach every show the same. Very thankful for all the people coming and giving it all. The short set went by way to fast and the band left the stage already after 9 songs.

After a few minutes the band returned without their bass player and guitarist. They brought us a really intimate part of the show followed up by a drum/DJ solo. The crowd was already exhausted, but they still gave it all because the ending of this set was amazing. Crossfaith played three of their biggest songs as an encore. They started with ‘Monolith’, lifted the bar of this encore a little higher with their cover of The Prodigy’s ‘Omen’ and finished this evening with ‘Leviathan’. An amazing show once again, and the band seems to never get boring.

After all it was a great evening, which shows that there are still enough “younger” bands with a lot of talent. Both Coldrain and Crossfaith promised they will be back next year, so keep an eye out!