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Chelsea Grin, Veil Of Maya, BlackTongue, Oceans Ate Alaska - An intimate show of some tight bands
After the latest release of Chelsea Grin, they got a lot of hate thrown at them. Nevetheless the band also opened up for a whole new fan base. After almost a year, the band came back to The Netherlands for another show. This time the band would bring a long Veil Of Maya, Black Tongue and Oceans Ate Alaska

On the day itself the rumours were confirmed and Black Tongue wasn't able to play this evening. The rumours were that the lead vocalist of the band stepped out of a driving bus because he thought that was the restroom. So that brought back the line-up to three bands only, due to the traveling time I walked in on the last 20 seconds of Oceans Ate Alaska and that was more than enough out of tune notes for me already.

Then it was time for Veil Of Maya, a band which played quite some times in The Netherlands, but has a brand-new lead vocalist this time. The band played super tight once again and the energy that they showed was amazing also. It's always nice to see such a technical band with a lot of djent influences, for example their bassist who nailed every note on his 7-string. Except for their first release, the band played songs of every record including their upcoming one. Therefore it was a nice mix of their music and the crowd seem to love it. There were some moshpits and although the response wasn't superb, the band loved it. Since the band has a brand new vocalist it was like seeing a whole new band. The vocals are pretty different from the older vocalist and it opens perspective on one hand and complications on the other hand. The older songs weren't as good as they were when it comes down to vocals, but his voice has a whole other level, so maybe they will change their genre a little again.

Last, but certainly not least, the headliner of the evening Chelsea Grin finally entered the stage. Their are quite some discussions to find on the internet about the move that the band made with their last record, some positive and some negative. Today that showed off because there were some hardcore moshers going mental on their older songs and there were a lot of youngsters that screamed along their newest songs. As always the mix of crowd almost resulted in some fights because people nowadays don't know about hardcore moshers and feel the need to complain about it. Back to the band, to my surprise the band played pretty well today, certainly when you compare it to older shows of the band. The cleans vocals of the drummer weren't always spot on and he sometimes even stopped drumming to fulfill his task as backing vocalist. It was a pity that a drummer can't play live what he played on the record simply because he has to do these backing vocals. Don't understand me wrong, the clean vocals can be a good addition to this band, but he can't multitask. Most of the songs were of the latest record, but the band also played enough songs of the rest of their records. They even played a song from both EP's the band released.  

Despite a few awkward encounters in the mosh pit and a bit of a let-down by the drummer, it was quite a good show. The band showed a lot of energy and although it was very clear that the band wasn't happy with the lack of energy in the crowd, they still gave it all. Keep an eye out on these bands, because they both have a bright future, whichever path they will take.