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Papa Roach - Supported by a surprising band
On Wednesday June the 20th I went to Tivoli, Utrecht to witness the second Papa Roach show in Holland within 5 days time. Since I prefer the intimacy of these club shows above festival gigs, I was really excited to check out the band in this setting.
First band on stage tonight was local band D.O.O.A. Now I won’t deny that it was quite a surprise to see this band supporting the rockers of Papa Roach. But at the same, I would like to give my compliments to the band for the courage to climb on stage and perform their pretty cool act in front of people waiting for something quite different. But what the hell do they play I hear you thinking? Well, they play a mixture of rock and hiphop basically. The musicians in the band; a drummer, a guitarist, a DJ and a bassist, take care of the funky, strong rock elements in the music. If you would hear the music without the vocals you wouldn’t be surprised to see this band as a support act for PR. But what did surprise me were the two (black) vocalists with their pleasantly brought forward hiphop performance. And to be honest they're also the fundamentals of the entire band because if these guys decided to ever quit I think there would be no D.O.O.A. anymore. Too bad ‘cause when the other musicians in the band would have worked a little bit more on their stage performance they would have been a complete and cool live act. For now, they remain a still cool live act but without convincing me for the full 100% on stage. Though, the crowd’s reaction was (surprisingly) very good. I think that’s mainly because of the young age of most of the visitors but it was exactly that, that made the crowd getting warmed up for the headliner of the evening. All in all I’d say it was a very cool and surprising show! And once again; my compliments to the band for their courage and cool performance (and of course for bringing in guest vocalist Linda, a nice blonde girl that shook all the guys in the audience awake).
Papa Roach
Well what to say about this great band? They’ve been around for quite a while now and their following only seems to grow bigger and bigger. Personally I found it a little annoying to see mostly young 14 year olds in the crowd (of whom most of them must have been lying when Jacobi Shaddix asked if there were any diehard-fans in the venue). But then again, it seemed like Mr Shaddix had a good time with them. The hyperactive Shaddix performed very well tonight. Not only did he reach all his notes (except for some long screams, he shortened them a bit), he also did a fantastic job on interaction with the crowd. He took the time to take pictures of/with fans while singing, allowed people on stage and most of all knew to make the crowd go crazy on demand and be silent on demand. Now that’s something that doesn’t always work at these kind of concerts!
The band gave away a very tight show opening up with ‘…To Be Loved’, followed by ‘Getting Away With Murder’, which are a couple my favourites, not taking the Infest songs in consideration. Of course a couple of Infest songs passed by at the end of the show, how could they not right?! I mean, there still were a couple of oldschool fans in there. So, ‘Broken Home’, ‘Between Angels And Insects’, ‘Dead Cell’ and guess what? Yeah, they ended with ‘Last Resort’. All in all a very nice show that could have lasted a little longer if it was up to me.
Thanks goes out to Tivoli for arranging this show for us.