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Lamb Of God, DevilDriver, In This Moment - A big band playing in a small town
It�s been nearly 2 years since Lamb of God paid their last visit to our lovely Holland. On the famous Unholy Alliance Tour with Slayer they played in almost every single country in the world, except for the Netherlands because they were in Australia at that time. What a planning. They had something to make up for and with a new album (Sacrament) released in 2006 I was really curious for what they came up with. Especially in this venue called The Lantaarn in Hellendoorn. Good thing they provided us with a free bus drive from the train station with some loud metal music playing, hell yeah!
In This Moment has really taken advantage of Myspace. A lot of bands got their label�s attention because of their popularity on Myspace and In This Moment is one of those bands. DevilDriver took them on tour, while they released just one album called Beautiful Tragedy. A lot of guys mentioned that they didn�t like the music very much, but were just looking forward to the girl behind the mic (Maria). And I must say she did an awesome job. She sang (clean) and grunted like hell, dressed as a cowboy ho holding her tits while she was banging. She opened the show literally because of her stage performance and energy. Although In This Moment started the show earlier than mentioned the audience reacted very positively. They also got a lot of attention after the show. I guess they gain lots of new fans each concert �cause their music is easy to listen to.
With the audience already warmed up DevilDriver took the stage. Dez Fafara and the other men are touring a lot and did so since they released The Fury Of Our Maker�s Hand in 2005. After they opened with 'End Of The Line', great intro, and continued with some older songs which everybody seemed to know very well, they kicked off with some new songs (for example 'Clouds over California'). Their new album called The Last Kind Words is to be released yet. I noticed the band was very curious about how the audience was responding to the songs. However the audience clearly didn�t know the songs, the feedback was very good: the pit kept on going and heads kept banging. At the end of the show Dez had noticed three little guys (age 12-14) in the pit and asked the audience to let just those guys together in the pit. Fun to watch! For those who are interested: the guys are from the band One Bullet Left which already got a lot of attention from the Dutch media like the VPRO. It�s always very nice to see how Dez interacts with the audience. A famous DD pit started and ended the energetic performance. Showing us they could turn this small place into a party.
Lamb of God really had something to overcome after DevilDriver left the stage and they surely did. This band has become really big in the States so I wondered how they would play for a less crowded place then usual. Some bands prosper from that atmosphere, but some bands don�t. I would put Lamb of God in the first one, because the audience knew the music very well and they rocked hard. Without looking back you could imagine a full stadion watching them. Good thing was the setlist! They played a lot of songs from Sacrament, but also from Ashes Of The Wake and As The Palaces Burn. They even kicked in some old songs from their Burn The Priest period. Minor point was the little interaction with the audience also after the show, maybe Randy�s saying �when you get famous you have to become a little bit cocky� is to be taking seriously. They even turned down a poker party. Maybe they enjoyed themselves less then they normally do, it seemed they gave all they had in them. I think the crowd made the show as much fun as it was this evening. Only die hard fans (like me) would travel all the way to see this great band. 'Black Label' ended the show awesome as the crowd knew this was their last chance to dance.