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Lamb Of God, Decapitated, Huntress - Lamb of God back to the stage where it all began in Holland
Randy Blythe won the lawsuit, which means that Lamb Of God is back with full force. After seeing them again at Summer Breeze 2013 it wasn’t a question anymore whether I should go to their gig in 013, Tilburg. I wasn’t the only one who had this thought because the gig sold out a couple of days before the show. Lamb Of God brought Huntress and Decapitated as well, which turned out to be all the ingredients for a lovely evening.

Of course when I walked in Huntress had already begun. It was audible that the band played pretty well at the entrance of the venue, but there was something wrong with this band. When I walked into the room itself I noticed that the lead vocalist often sang out of tune. When she didn’t, it sounded quite OK. Nevertheless, she couldn’t really get the crowd going and this probably wasn’t the right support act for a band like LoG because their genres differ too much.

After this start it was time for something much heavier, which was brought by Decapitated. This Polish Death Metal band definitely knows how to pull off a show and excite the crowd before a headliner. There were many fans in the room who came to support them, therefore it wasn’t surprising that a mosh-pit started at the first song and went on during their set. The band played very tight today and convinced many people in this room, regardless of whether they had heard of this band before or not.  Definitely a band I’d like to see again.

After a good support act it was time for the headliner of this evening. This was the fourth day of the tour, which was also the fourth day since Mark Morton announced that he couldn’t join this European tour due to a family emergency. Therefore Paul Waggoner from Between The Burried And Me joined Lamb Of God for this tour.

The band started with an intro from their latest record, followed by the song “Desolation”, also from their latest release. This was already enough to show how much quality this band has. The stage performance, the lightshow, their musical performance, everything was close to perfection. The packed crowd also knew what time it was, it was time to move! The mosh pit started very quickly and it didn’t end. Meanwhile the oiled machine on the stage pumped out songs like “Ghost Walking”, “Walk With Me In Hell” and “Hourglass”, which also showed that the band knows how to mix all their albums into one show. They played at least one song from each of their records, so every fan could identify themselves with the different songs.

Sadly, the band already had to leave the stage after ten songs. Of course they came back to give an encore, which everyone expected because they hadn’t played some of their best songs. When they came back and started with a newer song, “Vigil”, the crowd went wild again. However, they really lost their minds during the last three songs, which were “Laid To Rest”, “Redneck” and “Black Label”. Because Randy definitely knows how to perform and manages the time very well, he even had a bit of time to make a little fun of a Dutch band that threw their cd on the stage.

This was another awesome performance by Lamb Of God and it is a shame that this band can’t play at an even bigger club stage in The Netherlands, because this band can manage and destroy every crowd in my opinion! Haven’t seen them live yet? Shame on you. Buy tickets for the first show near you!

Picture by Tim van Veen