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Born From Pain, All Shall Perish - Hell On Earth Tour 2007
Well, well, here is my incomplete review of this years Hell On Earth Tour in Nijmegenís Doornroosje. Because of my work and the long trip to the venue, I completely missed American math-orientated metalcore outfit From A Second Story Window (which I gladly wouldíve seen), as well as Freya and I even saw only one minute of my favourite band of this tour: Fear My Thoughts. It became even more worse when I had to leave early as well, and so I missed headliner Walls Of Jericho too.

Therefore the first band to review is All Shall Perish, one of the biggest bands in the currently hyped deathcore genre. I have no aversion against this hype and so I was curious about their performance, but unfortunately they let me down. Their show was brutal, but kept on the same level for the whole time which made it a bit tedious. Some downs (not breakdowns - just downs in their show) would have forced some ups to keep me awake, but they didnít manage to get me that far. What attracted my attention was the fact that there were definitely some fans among the visitors, but their frontman did make an insufficient sign against Ďusí. I wonder why, maybe because they werenít satisfied with themselves either?

Born From Pain
is Hollandís glory when it comes to hardcore. During this tour they were a little less Dutch than usual, because they were fronted by Terrorís Scott Vogel. This big name in the hardcore scene looked very familiar to me, not only his figure, but mostly because of his energetic behavior on stage. Damn, this guy has some rage to throw out! I donít think Iíve seen many other frontmen who try to encourage the audience as much as he does. And he succeeded, because the mosh and circle pits were there, as well as some stage divers. They even got some oldies from the organization banging their heads! In the end I got the feeling that Vogel forced the show a bit too much, but that can also come due the fact that Iím not into hardcore. His talk about family and stuff was just enough at a time. They further on played a tight set with In Love With The Endís ďThe New HateĒ as personal highlight.