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Born From Pain - Facegrind + Birthmark
Since I have a lot of friends that listen to hardcore, I had to check it out sometime. I like a good dose of hardcore every once in a while too so I definitely wanted to come. Let show some straight edge motherfuckers what beer drinking is all about!! The first band was Birthmark. Nice riffs but the drums were lacking the necessary speed and the vocals were not cool to put it simply. They covered �Spit� from Sepeltura and shortly after that me and my girlfriend went outside to sit on the stairs. It just wasn�t interesting enough to keep my intention, but I definitely had to ask them about their demo. Up next was Facegrind. I had seen them before, but I can�t remember anything about that. They were one of the opening acts for the Dutch band Neuk! In Perron 55. So this was the opportunity to get an opinion on their act. The music didn�t do that much for me, it was their drummer that caught my interest. He was really fast on the double bass and he had some nice tricks up his sleeve behind that drumkit. But again, after a couple of songs we left for the stairs again. I did receive the information that their vocalist wasn�t feeling to good due to drinking too much beer and had a lot of aspirins. Not a good way to start a show. The time had come for the best band of the evening. Born From Pain had driven to Hegelsom all the way from Spain in 20 hours just to play a show. Respect guys! As they began their infamous soundcheck which contained the usual �Check check� screaming which is quite impressing I might say, all my hardcore loving buddies lined up in front of the stage. Anxiously awaiting the audio terrorism to come, to spread a little terrorism of their own, hehe. They started, and after only one song another friend of mine walks by with a big red spot just below his eye. I laugh. He didn�t count on such a brutal moshpit. Born From Pain plays their songs neatly and enthusiastic, encouraging to crowd to join in with the chaos. Songs that were played (I believe) were �Never Return�, �Immortality� and �Fallen Angel� to name a few. The sound of OJC Phoenix isn�t the best in the world so that was a bit of a bummer, but the energy coming from the guys on stage was so immense, it didn�t matter anymore. Really cool performance. After the show I talked to Che (vocals) about doing an interview with him next time I would visit them. He was very enthusiastic about that and he appeared to be a really nice guy. So, now I can�t wait to go again of course!! Review by Demondust