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Misery Index - Retaliate
Metalrage's [b]DemonDust[/b] plunges into the Death Metal world of Misery Index..[/b] I don’t buy a lot of death metal but occasionally, I just fucking have to or I’ll explode! So this time I chose Retaliate from Misery Index. A very very good choice if I do say so myself.   An eerie guitar screaming introduction comes out of the speaker, shortly followed by a brutal double bass. “Retaliate” has commenced to kill my brains. This is death metal the way it pleases me a lot. The brutal kind that chops a piece out of your brain, but still shows that a lot of thought was put in the riffs and drum parts. And how I love them squeaking, yelling, rotten guitar solo’s that death metal has, the one in this song is a good example of it.   Going to “The Lies That Bind” which takes the CD to a more brutal level than it already was. Good fast kicking pass in this second track that blasts your freaking head off.   “The Great Depression” seems to be slower than the first two tracks but that thought is quickly eliminated. It appears to be, yes you guessed it, fucking brutal!!! Man how I adore the violence coming down on me.   Up next is the ultra fast song “Angst Isst Die Seele Auf”. Yes that really is the name of the song and no it isn’t entirely German. Just the chorus. The song title means “Fear Eats The Soul” and that’s just what would happen when you force a disabled priest to listen to this record. The pass in this track stays up really well and the bridge part is really cool. At this point I start noticing the cool sound their snare drum has. It’s really short but powerfull, fitting in just fine.   “Demand The Impossible” is not a reason to slow down. The vocals in this song remind me a bit of the hardcore screams of Burnt By The Sun, which to me means that this record keeps getting better. Vae Victis!   The song “Order Upheld/Dissident Dissolved” seems to be letting out a lot of anger. But then again, death metal does that a lot so this won’t be an exception. The ending is really cool because they do a little aggressive last burst just when you think the next song will start.   At this stage, your brain is fried and your nuts got run over by what seems to be the biggest fucking truck on the planet, and it still isn’t over. I love it! “Servants Of Progress” mutilates you once more. The ending has been done really good because it has Jason screaming “is this how we want to live” And immediately the next song starts.   That next song they call “The Unbridgeable Chasm” is really brutal and loaded with some kind of metaphorical anti-politician lyrics. Cool! The bridge is really ass-kicking too.   Little drum intro for “Bottom Feeders” going into a riff and then to a reasonable pass. Later on it gets faster of course. Can’t stand on one basskick now can you? This album is really starting to capture the idea of being really really REALLY angry, which is good of course.   “History Is Rotten” basically captures the Braveheart idea. History is made by the people who dominate the land, and that’s wrong. So Misery Index wrote a song about it. And yes this kicks your butt-plug accommodated anus as well. The Brutal Truth cover “Birth Of Ignorance” sounds fantastic tool. But I don’t know the original so I can’t compare. Bummer. But I’ll bet my nextdoor neighbours lives on it that Brutal Truth is not complaining about Misery Index playing their song.   And then ladies and gentlemen, it’s over. Peace returns into the room, aggression leaves your body and you ask yourself two things. The first is: What the fuck did I just listen to? The second is: Did anybody get the license plate of that tank? Wait a minute, do tanks have license plates? Aargh fuck it. Anyway, if you’re into the Dying Fetus kind of death metal, buy this fucking album! And if you’re looking for a brutal band that doesn’t have childish gory lyrics but something meaningfull, you’ve just found it. Retaliate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Damn I gotta get a beer and listen to this shit again!