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Metal Just Got Gay
One thing metal has always lacked is the amount of women, not only during the shows but also in bands. Of course there are some exceptions like Kittie or The Donnas and even some metalbands do have one or more women active within their band but most of the time it’s like 90% men versus 10% women. Indeed 10% percent ladies and gentlemen. The only reason that there are so many women in the metalscene is probably because of the Gothic genre. Well at least I can say that’s one positive point of gothic metal.
On the other hand I can understand why the ordinary girl looks awkward at the occasional metalhead, especially when you look at the early days of metal. Take Manowar for example, no woman would even get near a man that wears more leather than an average biker and still shows enough chest hair to reveal his manhood. It even got worser with the so-called hair metal bands like Twisted Sister and boy don’t even get me started about Mötley Crüe and Warrant. Although Mötley Crüe and Warrant did have enough women to make any man jealous, they still dressed themselves like they liked a huge dark p***s shoved up their bum.
The funniest thing about all those guys in leather is that they are truly convinced it will give their so-called image a boost. Just look at the clothes of Judas Priest, leather and studs all over. Behemoth and all those other evil black metal band take it even a step further by adding complete metal chest plates. Of course with the finishing touch that is called Corpse Paint. Only a view on several press photos is good enough to get my daily laughs. It looks like the last years everything is legit just to proclaim yourself to be the hardest and toughest metal band in the world.
Today when I was surfing across the internet just looking around and entertaining myself it suddenly struck me. Looking at all the tough leather dressed bands I realised it must be the major wet dream of every gay men. At that point I knew what Rob Halford allready knew long ago; Metal Just Got Gay.