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AntiProduct - “By The People, For The People…”
As you might know, AntiProduct is touring Europe right now. When I received the great news that this party band was coming to the Netherlands again, I immediately arranged an interview with the band. But unfortunately, due to a lack of time, I had to cancel the interview. The face-to-face interview that is, because I still could do the interview by mail if I wanted to. And so I did, I mailed Alex yesterday, telling him he didn’t have to hurry because I could imagine he was pretty busy. Apparently he considered that something to do even faster than normally because that very same night I received his answers. Let’s see what he’s got to tell us.
Hey, how are you doing these days?
Pretty fine. And yourself?
You just started a full European tour, what do you expect from it?
Mostly the unexpected.  We've never been this far into Europe (like where the fuck is Slovenia and do they love their rock?) but I believe rock ´┐Żn' roll is the universal language to party and that's cool with people all over this orb. 
Why did you choose the Netherlands to start this tour?
Chicks are hot and the weed.  Plus they pay good and feed us like the Gods we wish we were.

I was at the first gig of this tour and I heard you playing some new material, are we going to hear it back on the new AntiProduct album as well?
Fuckin’ better or we’re in the wrong line of work.  We’ve had a bunch of record deal offers but they remain just that, offers.  We’re looking into self-financing the album (just to get on everyone’s nerves and maintain control of our bad selves) by selling copies of demos for songs we expect will make the album.  We got about 20 demos recorded and another 30 tunes we haven’t.  Once we’ve gotten the tunes into people’s sweaty little mits, the kids then will vote for their favourite songs and those are the ones we gotta record.  Kids are the Boss.  Maybe we’ll call the album “By The People, For The People…”.  That’ll be going exclusively on our website ( starting in April sometime. 
Why did you choose to cover the Beach Boys song ‘Good Vibrations’?
Cause no one else can and it rules and it always gets a mosh pit and that always cracks me up and…
Is there any news about an upcoming album yet or don’t you have plans for that right now?
Yea, see above…
Last week you told me you prefer to play the smaller venues with a small crowd because it's way more personal than just another big festival. But still I'd like to know if you're going to play any summer festivals outside the UK?
We’re working on it now with some intrepid friends in Europe.  I wouldn’t be surprised because we sure do shine in front of big crowds.
Why did you choose to cover the Beach Boys song ‘Good Vibrations’?
Uh, either I’m getting déjà vu like crazy or you’re high on weed like a mother fucker. 
(Haha, funny guy! Sorry, my fault, I guess I was sleeping a little while preparing this interview)
Ok, some questions about AP’s ‘big love’: Mr. Bush. 
Have you ever had negative comments on having such an ‘anti-Bush attitude’? Can you tell something more about that?
Yea, but the guy is an asshole as are all them fuckin’ liars.  I don’t trust ANY politicians.  Lawyers with a power fixation. Forget it!
Any chance we will see Bush back in the cover artwork for your new album again?
Nah, I’m over that phase now.  We kinda saw it coming years ago so by the time it hit and has now become the shirt de jour, I’d rather find other ways to attack society…but, the guy is a big fuckin’ greedy, plague.
A while ago you were doing some kind of presidential elections, how did you come up with that and how were the reactions on the campaign?
People who are fed up and still maintain a sense of humor got it. We actually got like 8 write-in votes, which is probably more than anyone in Good Charlotte got.
Who would be AntiProduct’s new scapegoat if mr. Bush ever decides to quit being president of the United States?
My Mom
At your last show I bought the ‘Mëlëe In Milan' DVD and there's a live gig from last year on it. You're playing the 'Gods Of Metal' festival in Italy and people are throwing bottles, grass and all kinds of things to you. Besides it’s very funny to see you guys actually enjoying the annoying crowd, the sound quality sucks big time due to the lack of good recording material (no offense, but I think you’ll agree with me right?!). But why in the name of George Bush did you decide to sell this show on DVD?
Make people squirm. Since we own everything we sell, we have complete control over what gets seen about us. While we're still in the trenches fighting like wild dogs, I wanna share that with like minded people who would find this sort of human behaviour entertaining. I don't think the mainstream will ever be allowed to see that because I intend to keep our subversion fairly under wraps but the people with us from the beginning will know. You see?
AntiProduct released quite some EPs / albums / DVDs, do you think that the AP-sound has changed a lot over the past years? If so, in what way? If not, do you think it ever will?
Your might be onto something there.
How did you guys come up with the name AntiProduct?
Ted Nugent was taken
Ok thank you very much for your time, anything left to say to our readers? Spit it out!
I love you fuckers. Keep me sane and let me know you won’t sell-out.