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Antiproduct - A mailing conversation with A. Product
(SiC) has put some effort in setting up an interview for Metalrage with Antiproduct. Metalrage spoke with A. Product [img][/img] [b]Hey how are you? How was the release party of 'Made in the USA'?[/b] It was great particularly if you like the idea of me in a see through skirt and dressed in drag. I looked like my Mom when she was my age [b]What have you guys been doing lately after recording 'Made In The USA'?[/b] Touring and scary people, with some time left over for weird sex and drinking sessions. [b]I haven't heard the new album yet, does it sound like anything you've made before, or is it something totally new and different? [/b] It sounds like the bastard child of Abba and Slayer at an AC/DC convention. I guess it's totally new and different in the traditional sense. [b]You will be touring in the UK these days, the Gonk's home. What do you expect of the upcoming shows?[/b] Mayhem and joy. Enlisting a new generation of rock 'n' roll fans who never knew they needed it before. [b]AntiProduct has been around for quite some time, how comes you're not commonly known do you think?[/b] Because not enough people know us yet. [b]Who came with the idea to make 'This Is How We Buy The Van' EP to raise money to buy a tour van? And under what circumstances was the person when he/she came up with the idea ?[/b] Simon and abject poverty and desperation were the conditions. Being broke makes you think harder, I guess. [b]I was wondering, how would a band like Anti Product be created? Everyone is from another country, so it seems to be some accidental crash into eachother...[/b] I tried to have sex with everyone in the band at one time or another by offering them to join the band. They all said no but I'm still stuck with 'em in the band. Well, Simon did say yes, actually. [b]You guys played on the Dutch Ozzfest in Nijmegen last year, and as opener for the Murderdolls in the Melkweg. What do you prefer, a club or a festiva! l? Why?[/b] I like the clubs because you can sweat all over the first 10 rows and they know it. [b]The show is totally psycho, all these neon lights and the face and body paint of A. why do something like that, when the body painting is almost common in the daily scene?[/b] Nudity is frowned on in most coutries other than Holland. [b]The online shop is totally psyched, just like the band. How are the fluid and bodypart sales?[/b] Oh, you mean from the website Well, it's neck and neck in sales between my sperm and Marina's period juice. Bless...makes me sick, actually, but I love it. [b]Let's get serious. A. was shouting Fuck George Bush at the concert. How are the reactions of the bandmembers on the past happenings?[/b] Speaking for myself as the only American in AntiProduct, I think George Bush is such a piece of shit that he doesn't even realise how big a piece of shit he is and won't figure it out until it'! s too late! [b]When will Anti Product visit The Netherlands again?[/b] Not soon enough! I love Holland. We did some dates in April in Holland and they were awesome every night!!!!! [b]Okay, the last one. Can the skirts be shorter?[/b] Mine or the girls, onstage or off? Interview by (SiC) Thanks to Dirk for putting MetalRage up with antiproduct.