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AntiProduct - Melee In Milan
Before I even start this review, I’ve got to tell you that this won’t be a ‘normal’ DVD-review. It will be a review written in the style of AntiProduct: WEIRD! What’s weird? Well, see for yourself on the pic below!

Here it is, the first ever AntiProduct DVD ever! And, oh boy, it's a doosie. This is our heroes throwing themselves head first (literally) into maddened throngs of, basically, Slayer fans in Italy at the 'Gods of Metal' show. This is a totally raw, totally live, one-camera shoot. See if you can count the blows that land in the bonus Slo-Mo Violence footage! Family fun which will sit snugly in between Bambi and Dumbo - now available for you to own on DVD!
Because I had such mixed feelings about this DVD, I searched around the Internet for more info regarding the ‘Mëlëe In Milan’ DVD. I found out about a website that indeed described most of the things happening that day with AntiProduct playing the Gods of Metal festival in Italy right in front of hundreds of Slayer fans.
Here’s a small part of the text I found online, cheered up with a pic from the very same Gods of Metal-gig:
Then this photo shows them playing live at the Gods of Metal festival on June 8th. They were bottled but Alex kept saying he wanted more and more violence... until they started throwing bits of the football pitch over the stage, which was a fun thing to watch. The band says they had a great time, and bottles and grass were not a problem. And admittedly, after their show they were the ONLY band to walk around the venue, and they couldn't walk 100 metres without being stopped and chatted to, thanked for the show and apologized to in behalf of the other "uncivilized Italian metalheads only there for Slayer". Which was nice!

The video material pretty much sucks ass and the whole set is recorded by a handheld-camera. So, as for the quality of this DVD, it sucks! It totally sucks. It’s terribly hard to even recognise the songs, and the vocals are almost completely overruled by the noises around. But the music isn’t what this DVD is about. It’s about showing the courage of AntiProduct. Showing the whole world that AntiProduct is unbeatable. Showing other bands that they shouldn’t care about annoying crowds, just play the game with them and put a big fat middle finger in the air to them! Don’t give up your show after three songs of some crazy yelling bitches in the audience, treat them even more! Give them a little extra to show you’re not afraid of them. Show your courage, like AntiProduct does.
But I also want to use this opportunity to say that it’s really, really pathetic to treat a band this way. I completely disagree with people who are actually throwing bottles and stuff to a band they don’t like. I mean, it’s a festival, what do you expect?! Only bands you like? That’s impossible and you know it! So, I’d say: don’t only show respect to bands you like, show respect to all bands. Everybody deserves it, in- or outside the metalscene. It would make things a lot more fun for everybody as well. I know there’s a lot of people out there who think: “yeah, fuck you little guy, who the hell are you to tell me this?!” Well, I’m just someone who tries to bring a little more common sense to people with a lack of that. Thank you for your time!
AntiProduct is:
A. Product – Vocals / Guitar
Marina Metallina – Bass / Vocals
Milena Yum – Keyboards / Vocals
Simon Gonk – Drums
Clare pproduct – Guitar / Vocals
Big News
Hu Nah Nu Nah
Forehead Solo
A.’s Inspirational Speech
If I Was Orson Welles
Medley: - Crazy Train (Excerpt)
- Highway To Hell (Excerpt)
- Stairway To Heaven
Arms Around The World
Violence And Spray Paint
Crutch Solo
Bonus: Slo-Mo Violence