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Antiproduct - Antiproduct and Wasted, Little Devil Tilburg
When I arrived at the little devil, I saw a little bar, at the end of the bar was some kind of small venue with a tiny stage. I was wondering if it was possible to put all the bandmembers from Antiproduct on stage. After some beers, some talking with wasted and a great interview with all the members of Antiproduct it was time for [b]Wasted[/b] to perform tonight. I didn�t see the start of the show because I had to eat something. Wasted makes some kind of rock music from the 90�s with influences from ska and even some hip-hop. The vocals remind me somewhere to Mucky Pup. Their performance was quite good although the public wasn�t familiar with wasted. Wasted doesn�t play my kind of music but they impressed me. I think that Frank Suicide and his band will become bigger some day. Wasted on the Internet : Next on stage was [b]Antiproduct[/b]. When you�re going to visit one of their shows its always fun to see them perform. Antiproduct is a rock and roll band with metal, punk and pop influences. On stage this combination becomes explosive. With Simon Gonk in his underwear behind the drums, Marina Matellina on bass, Milena Yum behind the keyboards and guitar, the guitarchick Clare Product and madman vocalist and guitarplayer Alex Kane it just kicks ass big time. As I said I was wondering if the stage wasn�t to small for Antiproduct, It was but that�s not the problem with Antiproduct. Clare was standing near the �stage� and Alex can�t stay on a stage. He will stand in front of the first row and give the people there some extra entertainment by rocking in front of their noses. Alex invites the public to sing along with �Bungee jumping people die�. The small man works for his public and entertains them. Songs like the single �Better than this�, �Girls who wanna be boys�, �Going where the action is�, �Hey lets get it on�, �Psychedelic Girlfriend�, �Turnin' Me On� and �The Rules We Rock 'n' Roll By� blasted in my head. During �Pussy Power� Clare, Maria an Milena took over the stage and showed that women rock. The public went psycho and the evening couldn�t end better. If you weren�t there be there next time. Even if you don�t like Alex and his band, when you go home you will like them. What a live performance!