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Antiproduct, Sidekickbob - in the batcave
On Sundays there are always some good bands to visit in the Batcave, 013 in Tilburg. Today it was time for Antiproduct. With the right promotion they could fill the Kleine zaal. Also but today it�s just the Batcave. Next time it will be probably the kleine zaal. Some days ago Antiproduct performed somewhere else in Holland. The band Sidekickbob saw the show and asked if they could play as a support during the show in the Batcave. So this day started with Sidekickbob. The first number didn�t came through, but after the 2nd song they become better and better and before I knew I was enjoying the show. They described their music like punk meets metal and I think that�s true. They really impressed me with their combination of punk and metal. After a short brake a lot of smoke came on the stage and from the back of the venue Antiproduct came up. The sound was a little bit bad in the beginning but after a song or 2 it was okay. Antiproduct is a great performing band. The vocalist Alex Kane is part of the audience and the audience is a part of Antiproduct. For Alex it�s important that the public is enjoying the show and everybody was enjoying the show! The contact between Alex and the public was great. During the show he came in the audience to sing, clap and even to play guitar with them. From the last album �Made in USA� the most songs passed by mixed with earlier songs. During the show one guy had to come on the stage and he had to sing the song �Bungee Jumping People Die� together with the band. What I liked most was the active Alex and his band. How he and the audience fired the roadie and said to miss Fred Durst and George Bush (man) to FUCK OFF! They know what Rock and Roll is and how to communicate with the audience. After the show all the band members were back in the venue to sign posters and to talk with the fans. I�ve talked with Alex but he knows what�s he�s doing. Antiproduct is a band with the talents to have a great future because of the great atmosphere they have around them. So next time be there and enjoy!