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AntiProduct - Supported by Dutch rockformation Vegas For Millions
And finally the day began on which I was about to witness the third AntiProduct gig in my life. I got to know this band in the year 2002, when they supported Murderdolls on their European tour. Then again, I saw this band last year, when they we’re doing a headlining European tour. That time they were supported by Wasted, who’s members are pretty good friends of the AP-family. Because of that, Wasted was about to do the support act for AntiProduct again tonight but misfortune struck Wasted-guitar player Frankie Suicide. During the recordings sessions of their new (double) album, he injured his wrist which made it impossible for them to support AP tonight. A good substitute was found, Dutch rock formation Vegas For Millions. Let’s see what they had to bring to the small crowd tonight.
Vegas For Millions
Like I said before, this band was a last-minute decision. To be honest I didn’t expect a really great band because I never heard of these guys before and a short look on their website didn’t impress that much either. Big mistake! Very big mistake!
The band had to play in front of an audience which was based on ten AP-fans. Fortunately the audience began to grow a little bit more during their set and the band visibly enjoyed their performance. The sound was incredibly good, especially for such a small venue. The songs were build up very strong and the guitar solos were pretty impressing as well. The fact that the audience was quite enthusiastic as well (as far as possible), proves that I wasn’t the only one who liked this band. Energetic rock songs were thrown into the venue and after a few songs Vegas For Millions convinced me of their qualities. If this band manages it to put this music on disc as they play it live, we’re definitely gonna hear more about them in the future. Vegas For Millions, not a metal band, just a normal Dutch rock band, one to be proud of being a Dutchman myself.
And there they were again! Before the show I already had a small conversation with Milena and Marina and it was great to see that they still remembered me as ‘the one with the smelly suit’! (

I was quite excited to see these guys playing their asses off again on Dutch soil. At the beginning I couldn’t understand that there were so less people to see this great band. Later on, singer Alex convinced me that it’s actually not bad at all that the audience was so small. The show gets way more personal and the fact that a number of people were allowed to sing in Alex’ mic as well as being allowed to get on stage was definitely the prove of that. The girls were singing like real ‘rock chicks’ and I just loved to see this band again on stage! Of course there was this small ‘anti George Bush / Tony Blair’ speech from Alex and a small striptease from the ‘smelly man’ as well.

A big minor was the fact that drummer Simon Gonk (a.k.a. The Mighty Gonk) couldn’t be at the show due to a foot injury. He’s expected to return on stage within three months or so. But, then again, two thumbs up for his replacement! A real nice guy (I found out about that after the show) but also a really good drummer! Now and then he seemed a bit too much concentrated on his drums but when I think about the time he had to rehearse all the songs, I can’t blame him for that. The biggest surprise for me was that there was even a drum solo and a good one too! And of course there was the ‘Bungee Jumping People Die’-act, always great to see again and certainly something they never should remove from their stage act.
All in all this was again a great night (the bandmembers even remembered my dad, how cool is that?! :p) and I certainly will be at their next Dutch appearance.
AntiProduct setlist:
The Rules We Rock ‘N’ Roll By
Turnin’ Me On
Bungee Jumping People Die
You Want It
Good Vibrations (Beach Boys cover)
If I Was Orson Welles
Arms Around The World
Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones cover)

*Be sure to check out AntiProduct on one of their European dates. For a list of tour dates, check: