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Emmure, Chelsea Grin, Attila, Obey The Brave, Buried In Verona - The Mosh Lives Tour returns to The Netherlands
The Mosh Lives Tour returned to the Netherlands for the first time in two years. They had the same headliner but were located in a different city. Emmure would perform in Patronaat, Haarlem, together with co-headliner Chelsea Grin and support acts Obey The Brave, Attila and Buried In Verona.

The band that had the honour to open this show was the Australian metalcore act
Buried In Verona. The room was not even half-full when the band started and there was a lot of space in front of the stage. The band didn’t seem to care that much and put a lot of energy in their set to convince the small audience. Although the band got some people banging their heads and applauding after every song, it wasn’t very convincing at all. The band didn’t play as tightly as they should have and somehow they couldn’t attract everyones attention. They had some good elements, but this spot in the line-up was best for them.

Attila would play next, Patronaat arranged  that Obey The Brave would play second a few hours before the show, gratifying a demand by the record company.  Almost everyone who wanted to see this band got the message on time or was there from the beginning of the show. This was the first band that got some people singing along and quite some hardcore moves were shown.  While this was the second time the band performed in the Netherlands, I was one of the few people that were able to compare both shows. The band wasn’t that tight the last time and they weren’t used to each other. This time the band played pretty tightly and they also moved well together. Therefore it was a very good performance and the crowd went pretty crazy too. Although it was very nice, the band had to leave the stage after 30 minutes and  abandoned a pumped-up crowd.

And now something completely different:
Attila. This American band is best described as a deathcore band with screamed raps. Therefore, this band is quite a party act and they entered the stage with a hiphop song. It would probably have been quite weird to hear some hiphop but already see the first movement in the crowd for someone who didn’t know this band. When the band finally kicked in the crowd went even more insane than they were at Obey The Brave. A lot of people were singing along and the first crowd surfers were there as well. Although this mix of music seems unusual, it fit perfectly in this line-up and nobody seemed to care that they were switched with the previous band. The best example was probably the massive sing-a-long to their well-known single and opening song for the evening, “Rage”. The sound, on the other hand, wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t ruin this party.

The crowd being very warmed up, it was already time for the co-headliner of the evening. The Americans of
Chelsea Grin received some criticism on their last EP because of the use of some clean vocals. Today it was time for them to prove the criticizers wrong. Of course the band played a lot of older songs and the moshpit wasn’t nearly this large during the other bands’ performances. Therefore, you could say that this was a very good performance, and indeed it was. Nevertheless, they played the most criticized song of the last EP called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” at the end of the set. It’s not a very bad song or anything, it’s just something that is completely different from all the other work. A statement was made at this evening: About 40 people sat down on the ground where the moshpit should be during this song, and a lot of lighters and other stuff were up in the air. The people wouldn’t even stand up during the breakdown in the song, although this is the kind of crowd that’s used to movement. Everyone enjoyed themselves during this song, but most people didn’t do so because of the song itself, as the clean vocals were out of tune. However, that’s probably the only thing that was bad today: the clean vocals. Don’t misunderstand me, Chealsea Grin  is an awesome band and the song “Confession”, for example, is a very nice song and also a song during which the moshpit was huge. There were also a lot of crowdsurfers/stagedivers today, and although not everybody liked it, it was a very good show. The band played well and deserved to be a co-headliner, but please cut these cleans.

Last, but certainly not least, was the headliner of this evening. Although a lot of people left to catch their last train, there were still a lot of fans that came to see the deathcore by
Emmure. While they are well-known for their lack of interaction with the crowd, everybody knows what to expect of this band. No long monologues, just music in its most aggressive form. Hence, the crowd at Emmure concerts receives a lot of hatred for being too wild/hard in the moshpit. Today there were a lot of hardcore dancers to show their skills to songs like “Protoman”, “Solar Flame Homicide”, “R2Deepthroat” and many more. As the sound of the other bands wasn’t perfect, with the last band it was quite terrible. Frankie wasn’t able to hear the music well and even the guitarists were searching for a better sound by adjusting their gear during the first three songs. Having seen this band many times, it seemed that somehow they didn’t perform as well today as they normally play. The crowd wasn’t as enthusiastic as we’re used to during an Emmure show and the band also lacked energy. Still, the band played pretty well and they played and a lot of older work, which a lot of people like to hear, but it felt differently. Even more people left during their set, maybe this wasn’t what they were hoping for or they had to catch their train. I still can’t completely criticize the band, because they played well and the crowd moved and sang-along. Nevertheless, the crowd wasn’t as loud as they were during the performances by the previous bands.

Although it ended with a small let-down, it was still a very good evening and shit went down. This tour will also visit Groezrock, so check out these bands if you are into this kind of music. I will see Emmure on Summer Breeze in August and I hope that they will nail it and the crowd will show more response. Finally, we can only hope that these tours pass The Netherlands more often.