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Amon Amarth, Carcass, Hell - Drinking from an empty horn
If there’s one band that I really wanted to see this year, it certainly is Carcass. Sadly enough I had to miss them during the Neurotic Deathfest in de 013 but last Friday they returned as a support act for Amon Amarth. So you could say, although I was completely soaked with rain,  I was pretty excited when I entered the 013. A quick look in the lobby learned me that I was certainly not the only one who came to see Carcass. The huge amount of older metalheads wearing washed up metalshirts gave me a sort of old Dynamo Open Air feeling.
But before I could enjoy the almighty gods of Carcass I first had to watch the british revived metalheads of Hell. During this years Paaspop I’ve already encountered them and left the tent after two songs. This time the feeling that I got was exactly the same. Visually the band show a lot. The entire stage is filled with props and backdrops and the vocalist is even singing through a headset microphone. This gives him the opportunity of moving around, which is exactly what he does. He even pulls out a whip and started ‘torturing’ himself onstage. But all this couldn’t cover up that the band certainly made some errors during their set and made it even more harder for me to take the whole thing seriously.
Finally Carcass! With their latest effort Surgical Steel they’ve shown that even without Micheal Amott they produced one hell of an new album. The question that rose in the back of my mind was quite simple. Are they capable of pulling it off on stage? During the first song I was certainly doubting about. Luckily the first song was a typical warming up screw-up. Not that they screwed up but the whole thing sounded a bit rusty. But when they did warm up the pedal went to the metal. During the entire show Carcass amazed me track after track by performing thighter than my asshole. Holy crap, certainly one of the best shows I have witnessed this year.
Being in quite an euphoric state it would be easy for Amon Amarth to take the show up a notch. Which is exactly what they did, although I’m pretty certain that the amount of beers also contributed to this. There latest effort Deceiver Of The Gods is a typical Amon Amarth album and with tightly produced stage performance it’s certainly metal for the masses. The entire stage was covered with backdrops and catwalks which gave the band the opportunity to enter the stage on various ways and even their sponsor got their name out when the band took a shot onstage. Nice show, very catchy but I miss some spontaneous action every know and then. Oh and with spontaneous I don’t mean drinking from an empty horn.