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Bliksem, The Charm The Fury, X-Tinxion, Razend - Heavy Hangout XL: Women in uniform edition
A couple of years ago Bidi Bookings started this phenomenon where they would get some bands to perform at the W2 in Den Bosch on a Sunday afternoon. I was never able to attend due to a million reasons and I was happy to see there was a Saturday evening event planned with only female fronted metal bands. And to be clear, I mean metal and not gothic rock.
First band on the bill was Razend (’Furious’ in Dutch). A band from Noord Brabant with the well known Corinne van de Brand on vocals. Where you normally know her for her grunts she now tries to show she can do more with her voice. But the problem is that her attitude on stage just lacks professionalism. She is walking around barefooted with a cookie monster shirt constantly joking with the other band members. It almost seems like she is not taking her band serious. And this is sad compared to the pretty solid band she has got with her. Those dudes do know how to put on a decent metal show. Thrash is something many bands take pretty serious and this is where Razend can still learn a lot. Better luck next time!
After this bad start is was time for X-Tinxion to enter the stage. Compared to Razend this band has got a front woman who knows how to perform. Perhaps this is due to the fact they have been around for quite some time and also played some of the bigger metal festivals out there. One thing I can be sure about is that it is way easier to look at this band. The sound wasn’t that great but nonetheless the set was solid from start to finish. Nothing refreshing or too original, just a good Dutch band which sure has got potential to grow.
The Charm The Fury
Amsterdam based The Charm The Fury has been in a roller coaster for the past two years. After the release of their debut album ‘A Shade Of My Former Self’ on Listenable Records the band played the UK Vans Warped Tour and Distortion Fest but they will play Fortarock and Groezrock this year. The show today at the W2 was once again a extremely tight show. These guys and girl know to rock like no other Dutch band. And they also bring in enough people who just come to a night like this for them. Many people were in the back during the first two bands and left after The Charm The Fury played. With almost every song they played people were singing along and it was the real first time of the night there was some movement in front of the stage. Only downside with the genre is that the clean vocals are not always on key and Caroline also endures this problem from time to time. But next to that this is a must see band when they play near you.
Headliner of the night was the Belgian band Bliksem (‘Lightning’ in Dutch), booked by Bidi himself. This band has got a tremendous amount of attention the past year and a half and tonight the band once again proved they can live up to the expectations. Vocalist Peggy Meeussen is a great asset in this band with her raw voice. It is almost strange to hear a European band play this style of Bay Area thrash metal. I did not see the entire show due to the fact I got a little tipsy and got distracted by talking with friends at the venue. Next time I have to make sure to see more of Bliksem besides the first couple of songs.

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