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Testament, Toxic Shock - A very old school evening full of thrash
The headliner of the evening didn't release any new record or something, in fact the latest big news was that Steve DiGorgio joined Testament agian in 2014. Therefore, when the band announced a new tour, a lot of fans were hoping to see some old school music from the band. But first it was time for Toxic Schock to warm up this crowd.

When I walked in Toxic Shock had just begun, and after a song of four I realised that this is a Belgian band, something I didn't expect from the spot on English vocals. Sadly this is only one of the few positives of this band. The level of energy of the lead vocalist was amazing and it was quite funny to see him standing in underwear and shoes only. Nevertheless the tightness of this band wasn't that good at all times and they messed up some intro's and outro's. They still got to play about 40 minutes, but there wasn't any movement at all. Could be worse, but definitely could be better also!

After half an hour it was already time for the headliner of the evening and although it wasn't sold out, it was really packed inside. The intensity of the entrance with all the lights and a good intro music was amazing. But you didn't get a lot time to embrace the moment since Testament immidiatley started with "Over The Wall", which was followed up by other golden oldies such as "The Haunting", "Burnt Offerings", "Raging Waters" and "The Preacher". It was clear that these old songs are favourably recieved by the audience because there was a lot of movement and the crowd couldn't scream harder during the songs i guess. Lead vocalist Chuck Billy mentioned that Eindhoven is a very special place for this band and therefore the reason that they started the tour here. The reason is that their very first show in Europe was back in 1987 on Dynamo Metalfest and in an ode to that festival they would only play old school songs today. As mentioned before Steve had re-joined the band and together with Mr. Gene Hoglan it is probably the tightest rythem section there is at the moment. But if you think that the guitarists will fade away in the succes of the rythem section you are definitely wrong, both, Alex and Eric, played extremely tight and the guitar solo's were also amazing.

As mentioned before the band would only play old school songs and the set continued with the songs  "Do Or Die", "First Strike Is Deadly", "A Day Of Reckoning", "Apocalyptic City", "Eerie Inhabitants" and "The New Order". During this whole set it was very clear that both, the crowd and the band, enjoyed this evening a lot. Chuck kept on smiling and playing the air guitar with his microphone stand, but also kept thanking everybody for coming out and the energy they gave the band this evening. Following their set with "Into The Pit", "Alone In The Dark" and "C.O.T.L.O.D." the band almost reached the end of the set already. When it was time for the last two songs, it was also time for the youngest song of the evening, the title track of Practice What You Preach. Followed up by the "Diciples Of The Watch", the set sadly came to an end. It was an amazing evening and the band showed that they are still one of the best live.