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Dropkick Murphys - Beer, rock and the cutest girl to ever wear glitters
On a cold, cold, faaaaaarrrrking cold night in a figuratively cold venue packed out with people that are slightly too hip to be punk, Dropkick Murphys played a more than decent show, that took a while to commence, due to the fact that there was a line up big enough to make it a mini festival. Doors open at six, first pre show on at seven. Due to shitty weather conditions leading into shitty traffic conditions, combined with the fact sometimes people leave home later than they initially anticipate, your reviewer arrived just before eight.

I had never been to 'Klokgebouw' before, so I was quite anxious to taste the atmosphere of the venue. Walking in it felt like walking into an old factory, which gives this place an awesome punkrock vibe, but also a feel that it is slightly more suitable for dance events. I was a bit thrown off by what can only describe as a 'let's fuck people out of some more cash'-initiative, The place doesn`t have a wardrobe, but you can hire a locker for five Euros. I guess they need the money to pay the not so undercover security that was patrolling the venue (well either that or three different guys decided to come to the concert with one earphone in and to look around a lot).

Because I was late I missed at least one of the pre shows, but from what I was told it wasn't that great. I basically got a one word review from cutest girl to ever wear glitters, who simply said; “Efteling”. Efteling is a Dutch themepark filled with fairies, trolls and creatures alike, so you get the idea. The next pre-show band started quite soon after I entered the venue and in my eyes was to a rockband, what Pepsi is to Coke. It`s just not Coke. It could have been due to the lack of volume (the Murphys where much louder), but I got more and more distracted by the beautiful girl in the glitters. Even though she was stunningly pretty and her glitters blinding like a mirrorball; if there is an amazing band on that stage, I am looking at the band. Shows before hoes, I guess.

I don`t know if my glitterprincess missed the first pre-show, or if there were only two instead of three, but after Pepsi, we got Murphys. All the lights went down and the band entered the stage with some epic music in the background, making an unspoken promise to rock our faces off. The show got an enormous kickstart with the opener “The boys are back” whizh in the chorus states that they are looking for trouble. They were not lying. The room responded by going slightly mad and throwing around their beers (which is pretty hardcore if you are Dutch, and you paid for said beer). The Murphys were quite clear this evening that they didn`t come for a chat, but meant some serious fuckin business. The crowd had a great physical workout for most of the night, with the occasional breather inbetween. The band itself didn`t make much use of the stage in my opinion, with off course the exception of lead singer Al Barr. The Murphys came to rock and not for pleasantries and after their set filled with their classics such as `The Wild Rover`, `Johnny, I hardly knew ye` en off course `I`m shipping up to Boston` they came back for a small encore including some covers. The sound may not have been what I expect at a big venue, but face it; I wasn`t at a TOOL or Pink Floyd concert where the sound is a giant part of the show, I was merely there to get drunk and my socks rocked off, just like everybody else that came out on this cold Tuesday evening. Was it a good show? Yes. Was it a memorable show? Maybe not, but I will always remember the beautiful girl in the glitters.