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Lamb Of God - Supported by The Agony Scene and DevilDriver
Thursday, December 8th 2005 is a day on which quite a few Metalrage (crew)members were waiting for for a long time! And finally the day had come. A promising day, that was for sure, especially with Metalrage interviewing all bands that would play this night. Let’s find out about the show first shall we?!

The Agony Scene

So, first band of the night was The Agony Scene. In my opinion this is one of the most brutal metalcore bands out there and Roadrunner Records can be proud of such a great act. I was really looking forward to the show and I only hoped for the best. Fortunately it turned out to be a pretty decent show, though not really overwhelming. On the other hand, I don’t think it’s necessarily the band that is to blame for that, but it’s the audience that either didn’t know, or didn’t like this band that much. What a pity! Due to a bit of overbalanced vocals the quality of the sound wasn’t really superb, but all in all I had a pretty good time watching these guys play. Some songs they presented us were: ‘Prey’, ‘Scapegoat’, ‘Suffer’ and ‘Scars Of Your Disease’. The Agony Scene: a great warm-up band for what was yet to come! [review by: BoEk]


After being rudely awakened by The Agony Scene it was up to Devildriver to keep the crowd motivated. And boy how they did. Those guys were blasting like hell! The only problem was that the sound coming from the stage was off balance quite a bit. I had difficulty hearing all the instruments as a whole, but the song structures stayed clear enough though. Of course a lot of new songs had to be played, like “End Of The Line”, “Driving Down The Darkness” and “Grinfucked”. A couple of older songs were “I Could Care Less” and “Meet The Wretchd”. The crowd received everything with open arms which was clearly displayed in the ultra brutal thrashing moshpit that kept on swirling throughout the show.

Now everybody knew that it had been exactly a year since the Dimebag shooting and Devildriver decided to do something with that fact. They asked for one minute of silence, following it up with a violent braveheart pit. Later, they got a circle pit going for an entire song of like two and a half minutes. All very nice and violent.
This was more than just a warm up for what was yet to come, this was an energy draining mass murdering band on the loose, and ready to kill more. A very convincing band indeed. [review by: Demondust]

Lamb Of God

Due to some technical difficulties, a LoG roadie tried to entertain the crowd a bit before the band could start their show. His quality of humor was a bit lacking, so it was a matter of minutes before the poor guy had to dodge plastic beerglasses and what not.

Things were fixed pretty quick, and the band entered the stage. Opener "Laid to Rest" is one of the band's best songs to begin with, and they followed it up with the faster "Hourglass". I can't remember the exact setlist but the band also played "11th Hour", "Ruin" and "My Redemption is your Demise" from their 'As The Palaces Burn' album. I would say that the setlist was pretty much a 50/50 of older and newer tracks. "Ashes of the Wake" and "Now You've Got Something to Die For" worked great with the crowd but it was clear to me that quite some people weren't familiar with the band's older material. The performance itself was good as usual, Lamb of God is definitely one of the tighter-playing acts out there. Drummer Chris Adler seemed to be suffering from a cold though, which might explain some of the songs being played a (little) bit slower.

Unfortunatly I wasn't able to see the end of the show because I had a train to catch. Some of my friends said they "expected a bit more", but I saw what I wanted to see: A talented group of guys kicking ass without nonsense going on. [review by: Carn]