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Lamb of God - Killadelphia
Lamb of God is one of those bands which you usually either love or hate. Altough they have been around for a while, the band's "big" breakthrough is their latest album called Ashes of the Wake. During the tour of that album, the guys had a few cameras running and this, combined with a show, resulted into Killadelphia.

The main meat of the DVD is a concert that is edited from 2 nights at the Trocadero in Philadelphia. Everything regarding the recording of this show is just excellent. A lot of camera views, great lighting and an excellent soundmix. I think this is the best live recording I've seen from a band after Maiden's Rock in Rio. The story goes that Lamb of God practice 3 hours a day when they are not touring, and this really shows. The band plays really tight, and I even wondered if some things might be overdubs..Good thing is that I saw the guys live and they play mighty fine...only when vocalist Randy Blythe hasn't been fooling around too much with the bottle.

Between songs you'll see bits of footage, taken during the touring on Ashes of the Wake. The good part about this is that it's not only useless or just funny backstage stuff. It has a lot of funny moments, but the serious ones are there as well. Bandfights, equipment on the road doesn't seem to be all that after all. It's also possible to watch the concert on its own without the short bits of footage.

The DVD also has short bandmember introduction movies, where people tell a story about a certain member. Something I thought was really cool is a section where bandmembers explain a certain riff or drumpart. Now every drummer should be able or at least understand the famous drumbreak in "Ruin". I wished that this segment was a bit longer because it's really nice for the musicians out there.

Now onto the bad side of this dvd. I dont know which total utter FUCKTARD was responsible for the transfer, but it looks like something went wrong regarding the compression. There are "lines" through every second of footage, like someone took a low resolution master and digitally tried to krank up the quality or something. I first thought that the press got some shitty promo copy, but after talking to some others it seems the same version is also in retail. Personally I would like to see Epic pull back the current copies and get a new transfer out, because this is just ridiculous.

This dvd gets a 90 for content, but a 50 for quality. If Epic/Sony puts a new version on the market I will happily edit this review, because the DVD and the band really deserve that.


The story goes that there was indeed an error regarding the mastertape, "good" versions should be available in stores. And if they arent; send an email asking if you can receive a proper will probably have to show a form of proof of payment; or send the dvd back to Sony/Epic.

So the "good" version gets a nice 90 from me

Track listing:

1. Intro
2. Laid To Rest
3. On The Road
4. Hourglass
5. Goddamn!
6. As the Palaces Burn
7. Late To Denver
8. Now You've Got Something To Die For
9. I'm Not Willie!
10. 11th Hour
11. Terror and Hubris
12. The Brandy and Randy Show
13. Ruin
14. Wine Soundcheck
15. Omerta
16. Death From Above
17. Pariah
18. We've Gone Completely Batty!
19. The Faded Line
20. English Coffee
21. Bloodletting
22. Adventures In The UK
23. The Subtle Arts Of Murder And Persuasion
24. Glasgow
25. Vigil
26. Afterthoughts
27. What I've Become
28. Wrapup
29. Black Label
30. Outro/Credits