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Ni - Les Insurges de Romilly
Looking to the cover of Ni’s first full album is like watching a Hieronymus Bosch painting. The longer you watch the more you discover. With this melting pot of Math Rock, Noise and Progressive Metal it’s exactly the same. You can call it Polyrhythmic madness in control. I hear Meshuggah, Animals as Leaders, The Dillinger Escape Plan in the sound of French’ Ni. The complexity of the material is structured in catchiness of 4/4 time signatures, verse and chorus structures.

The four musicians (who handle their instruments extremely well, love to experiment and push their abilities to the limit) scarcely use vocals. Sometimes a scream or sounds coming out of the mouth are used; they can be seen as an extra layer in the multi diverse sound. ‘Les Insurges de Romilly’ is the masterpiece after two EPs and I am impressed how the French are mixing all technical Metal and Rock styles into songs that still can be followed by people who are not a musician.
The sound is clean and that is a must because this type of music will not succeed when not all details are heard. The listener is constantly surprised by off-beats, weird drum fills, bass slapping or just a strange guitar riff. Of course everyone is playing tight so I expect on stage the same brilliance as in the 8 songs. None of the songs take too long, Ni has used the expression "less is more" correct.
What else can I say? Just listen the record here (link) and you also can’t wait to hear the band live. They deserve to do the support of above mentioned bands on a European tour.

Ni - Les Insurges de Romilly
75/1001Details Atypeek Music / Dur et Doux Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 28th, 2015
Math Rock / Noise / Progressive Metal

Writer @Maurosis on Monday May 25th, 2015

Tags: #ni #les insurges de romilly #atypeek music #dur et doux records #math rock #noise #progressive metal
Tracklisting 01. Bouif
02. Cuistre
03. Rodomont
04. Butor
05. Marpaud
06. Flaquadin
07. Gringuenaude
08. Torfesor
Line up Anthony Béard - Guitar
Nicolas Bernollin - Drums
Benoit Lecomte - Bass
Fançois Mignot - Guitar
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