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Born Of Osiris, After The Burial, Betraying The Martyrs, Buried In Verona - A very well booked package destroyed Eindhoven
While Born Of Osiris exists since 2003, it took a while to find the good name but in 2007 the band found a good name and the last few members to complete the line-up. Now the band came to The Netherlands for a headline tour and they brought a variety of countries with them. Aussies Buried In Verona, French based band Betraying The Martyrs and fellow Americans in After The Burial.

The first band of the evening was Buried In Verona. While Australia is well known for a large variety of metalcore bands, this is one of the more famous ones for me. The band really pulled off a tight show, but there was one major let down. The lead vocalist is quite a good one normally, but today he couldn’t reach all of the notes which was quite a pity. He sounded quite hoarse while talking between the songs as well so maybe he just had a cold or something. Definitely a big let down today but also a band that I’d like to give a second chance!

After a five month silence because of their label, the band finally is back on tour. In these months of recording, Betraying The Martyrs really wanted to tour again and therefore the band gave it all on stage. A pity was that the drummer had quite a lot of problems with either the kit and the sound, and therefore it wasn’t the tightest set I’ve seen from this band. Nevertheless it wasn’t a lower level than usual, maybe even better. The clean vocals improved very much and were spot on today. After talking to the clean vocalist afterwards he stated that it was because he had an inner ear piece where he could hear himself. Once again hurray for technology because this was a very good performance and because of their energy the pit kept on going and they even got the first wall of death of the evening. It was also noticeable that there were quite some people coming fort his band which resulted in someone grabbing the microphone and screamed some words out.

While the crowd got a little break from the bands, it didn’t take too long for After The Burial to get on stage. While there was quite some energy by BTM, After The Burial did another scoop on top and therefore had quite a bigger moshpit as well. Their energy also resulted in the first crowdsurfers of the evening. The music was very technical and the band played very tight. Songs as “Berzerker”, “Pennyweight” and “Aspiration” filled up the room and sounded almost perfectly. While the bar was set very high by Betraying The Martyrs, After The Burial took that bar and tipped it even higher.

Quite some people left Dynamo after the last band, probably because they tought that Born Of Osiris wasn’t their thing or because they had to catch the train or something. But it didn’t really matter because the band still got a lot of heads banging. Just like any other band, they had a lot of interaction with the crowd and showed to be very happy on stage. Beginning wih “Machine” of their last record “Tomorrow We Die Alive” the band showed that they grew a lot and can play the songs live as well. Followed up by songs as “Divergency”, “Ascension” and “Abstract Art” showed that the band would give a very nice mix of their three records. Also this band played very tight and seemed to be the only band without sound problems. They showed that they are a worthy headliner and gave it all on stage. After nine songs it was time for the last song of the evening which was “Illusionist”. The crowd could only be sad by the amount of songs which wasn’t that much, but everybody should return home quite happy.

Four good bands, some issues and a vocalist that wasn't good by voice today. Still I can say that this evening had enough quility to make it a good one and which was definitely worth the money. A lot of bookers can take a very good look to this package, because it was quite a killing one!