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Parkway Drive, Heaven Shall Burn, Northlane, Carnifex - This is definitely The Best Tour Of The Year
Parkway Drive" title="Search for Parkway Drive">Parkway Drive is a well-known guest in 013 and normally they bring average to good supports along with them. This year was a little different, because the supports were amazing. Not only the co-headliner of the evening was well chosen, Heaven Shall Burn, also Northlane and Carnifex brought some crowd to the venue today.

Although 013 stated that Northlane would begin, it was Carnifex who kicked off the evening. Sadly for the band the venue wasn’t filled up much yet, in fact at the beginning of the set only 20% of the room was filled. The band seemed irritated by it, but still gave it all. A few hardcore moshers definitely came for this band tonight and were screaming along most of the lyrics. Most of the songs were of the last record, which some fans like a lot and some fans don’t seem to care about it. This was the fourth time or so that I saw this band and it was by far the best one. The band played tight as fuck and the vocals were amazing as always. Further in the set the room got fuller and fuller. Sadly this awesome performance came to an end way to quick, but the band ended with a blast with the songs “Lie To My Face”, “Hell Chose Me”.

Then it was time for Northlane. This band showed a lot of potential on their EP and two records, but the last time this band wasn’t as good live. Today the band got a second chance and many people were excited on forehand. Although the room was filled up way more and the crowd kept the energy going, the band itself didn’t really impressed once again. Quite some people kept screaming along and probably liked it, but the band got hardly any head banging on the stairs. After a few songs I went out for a quick bite, because I’d rather listen to this band on record then live.

The co-headliner of the evening were german death metal/metalcore legends Heaven Shall Burn was playing next. The band didn’t need an intro or to warm up, they just walked on stage and kicked off with “Counterweight”. The floor exploded into a giant moshpit, which didn’t went away throughout the whole set and the heads kept banging on the stairs. Also a lot of stagedivers took their chance to dive on the crowd and surf away. The band played very tight once again and brought a long some extra lights to light the room up.  Lead vocalist Matthias didn’t have his best day, but it was far from his worst also. The band gave it all once again and had an amazing setlist. Songs as “Voice Of The Voiceless”, “Combat” and their cover of “Black Tears” were played and the band rushed through their set. Matthias talked to the crowd after a song that they didn’t want any hardcore moshing during their show because they think it doesn’t fit their music. Some positive and negative thoughts passed my mind about this statement, but they made hey they made a statement at least. The band ended their set with “Endzeit” and “Like Gods Among Mortals”. The band still played an superb set and left many people impressed.

Talking about big well-known bands, the last band was Parkway Drive. Where the band ended their show on the Vans Warped tour in style with some confetti,  today they would do it a little different because they started with the same amount of confetti. The band decided to play an mix of old and new songs and started off with “Wild Eyes”Sleepwalker”, “Karma” and “Dream Run”. An amazing start with perfect songs. I don’t have to say how the band was playing because this band is so constant every time. Furthermore the band played songs as “Idols And Anchors”, “Dark Days” and “Home Is For The Heartless”. Of course the crowd kept on moshing throughout the whole set and  screaming along as much words as they could. The band always gives a lot of energy and get this back in return as well. The band didn’t play any upcoming songs, but ended their set with “Horizons” and “Carrion”. It was another very good performance by this band and the whole package today was a good booked package. Hopefully Impericon will arrange a “Best tour of the year” every year.