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Architects, Stray From The Path, Northlane, More Than Life - A very strong package destroys Dynamo
Not even a week ago Architecs released their very last record called “Lost Forever // Lost Together”. This was reason enough to visit The Netherlands twice and to bring along some friends. Metalrage went to the second show to discover what the new album would sound like live. The band brought Stray From The Path, Northlane and More Than Life with them.

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More Than Life
More Than Life
was the first band of this evening, and when the band started playing people were dripping into the venue. Therefore, the room was only half-filled and many people met up and chatted with each other. It sounded more like nice background music, just imagine yourself having some beers at a sunny festival when this band is playing. Bang your head a little, watch the band, and talk to your friends. Sadly, it wasn’t much more than that: the music was quite good, but quite basic and not very outstanding. The sound didn’t work during the first 2-3 songs, but luckily that was fixed quite quickly.

I wasn’t very excited to see Northlane after their previous performance. They didn’t impress me very much at the last edition of Never Say Die!, so the bar was set quite low. However, the band only had to perform one song to provide this calm venue with the first movement of the evening. There were some fans in the venue, who were singing along and moving along, but they also convinced more and more people during their set. These Aussies definitely showed that they can perform as well live as they do on record. A very good technical support act that got the crowd warmed up pretty well and that made me want to see them again.

After this surprise, to me at least, it was time for the band many people came for as well: Stray From The Path. This band is more ‘straight to your face’ than all others in today’s line-up. Although some people thought that Northlane had several fans in the room, they were definitely outnumbered by the SFTP fans. Yes, of course some people came here to see both bands. The amount of crowd surfers, stage divers, sing-alongs and energy of both the crowd and band was amazing.

A quick note here once again: if you are a 13-year-old thin boy/girl and you know what will happen at this kind of shows, don’t stand in the front area to avoid all the crowd surfers/stage divers so they fall on the ground. Of course, some stage divers shouldn’t do a summersault on your head, but maybe it’s your own fucking fault. If no one wants to catch a stage diver, they have to figure out something else, right? You don’t like the mosh pit/stage divers/crowd surfers? That’s totally fine, but then don’t stand in the front of the room and cry about them!

This being said, back to the band. The band played really tight and the crowd went insane during songs like “Damien”, “Mad Girl”, “Negative And Violent” and “Bring It Back To The Streets”. During “Badge & A Bullet” the band showed why they are considered to be the hardcore version of Rage Against The Machine. I believe this band is definitely worthy of being a headliner and I will grab any chance to see them again soon!

Although many people were already almost out of energy, the headliner of the evening was still to come. Architects plays in The Netherlands quite often, but still knows how to attract more people each time. Today was no exception: the band was promoting their new record and therefore played many newer songs. Starting with “Gravedigger” and “C.A.N.C.E.R.”,  the band began pretty hard and good as well. The songs were followed by “Alpha Omega” and “Even If You Win, You’re Still A Rat” from the album ‘Daybreaker’ from 2012. They seemed to play only newer songs, followed by “Day In, Day Out”, today’s only song from their 2011 record ‘The Here And Now’. Meanwhile, the crowd kept the level of energy as high as they did during the previous band. The stage divers were still innumerable and the sing-alongs were quite massive. Although many people were completely out of energy halfway during this set, they still found some energy somewhere to mosh to songs like “Naysayer”, “Early Grave”, and “Devil’s Island”, and they also found energy to scream the lyrics of songs like “Follow The Water”. The band ended with the songs “Broken Cross”, “Red Hypergiant”, and “These Colours Don’t Run”.  Even more moshing and stage diving took place and they left the crowd completely exhausted, which they were probably as well!

Amazing show, great crowd, and good package this evening. Architects will also play in The Netherlands again at Jera On Air this year, in case you missed this show.