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Various Artists - Change The Station II
Ahhh, a compilation album again. That has been a while ago for me. This time it’s a White Russian Records release. And if this album is going to be like the first Change The Station album, it means there’s lots of different styles on it. Hard to review but I’ll see what I can do with it. Hopefully I get to know some good bands! Well, let’s just find out about that.
Short version
This album contains mainly punk(rock) songs and emo songs. Most of the songs are pretty simple and 13 in a dozen songs. Of course there are a few exceptions but the biggest part of this album won’t get you horny I think. Of course this album is a nice initiative for these kind of bands to show the world what they’re made of but all in all I wouldn’t recommend you to actually buy this for the music itself. Though, if you’re really into punk/emo and try to discover some new stuff every now and then, just buy it. If it was only to support the smaller, local bands (and considering the album is available for just 7 euros). Don’t expect a flawless production though! Oh and don’t pay to much attention to the cover artwork ‘cause there actually is an error in it. Two #09 tracks…haven’t seen that before.
Long version
The first track is from a band called Noyalty. And I’m already having problems to review this…the song is nice, just an average metalcore song with pretty good screams but then there’s the clean vocals; ouch! That part makes me wanna quit listening immediately.
Why would you call your band Lennard and sing about a guy named Cliff? Weird! And nothing special about their music either, 13 in a dozen emo rock.
Next band we get to know is AllunderAge, which actually rings a bell. Not that I knew any music of it but at least I knew the name. The music doesn’t really turn me on, way too simple drumming, and a typical punkrock song that doesn’t do anything special to me.
Phinius Gage, I’d say it sounds a like deadly disease. Funny thing is, this band sounds pretty cool. Not that it’s anything special but for some reason the ‘whooohooo’ parts give me that happy punk feeling I get when listening to a band like Red Tape.
Second Base on the contrary isn’t special at all! Nice for these guys that they’re on this compilation album but I believe they have to rehearse a lot more to deserve such a spot.
The album continues with a song by the band Wreckyard. Sounds like a tough band. Unfortunately they don’t sound tough at all. 13 in a dozen (punk)rock.
Hopefully The Colorado Silver can cheer me up a little after all these not very nice songs. Wow! These guys actually know how to play music. Not completely my style but it does remind me somewhat of bands like Silverstein. And seriously, if all the material of these guys is like this one song, they could easily be a Victory Records band. Nice work!
Tenement Kids is again, a pretty standard punk song. Fortunately there's a bit more aggression in this song, which makes it probably the best punk song on this album so far.
Another name that rings a bell; Sidekickbob. Now this is a funny song! It’s sung in Dutch and the lyrics are way too simple but definitely funny. It’s a very short punk song that doesn’t last any longer than 47 seconds. Funny track but not something I’d listen to a lot.
Five Days Off is a band that leans on the strength of its vocal parts. The combination of vocals and backing vocals is performed very well. Not any false note I could discover and I must admit I like this song best so far.  
50/50 plays fast but simple music. Actually their name reminds me a bit of the new Stone Sour song but I can assure you there isn’t any connection music wise. ‘Who Cares’ is a nice up-tempo song but not one that makes me longing for more.
Too bad I do get more though. Sellfish makes quite the same music as 50/50 with one major difference; Sellfish sounds too much as a 13 in a dozen band and therefore doesn’t get any credit from me.
A bit of research on my own computer teaches me I already got two On Fire songs and since I keep as less bad music on my computer as possible I assume I quite liked this band so far. Let’s say its special. I won’t call it good. But for some reason I accept this band and its skills the way it is. I think the rawness (due to a not too good production) is also the strength of this band and therefore they should stay where they are.
When I read the name BLIND TRASH I expect quite some noise pumping through my speakers. Well, it’s not what I expected but it isn’t bad either. It’s energetic rock and…that’s about all I gotta say. Not good, not bad!
When I read this name, I really expected some weird stuff; Conny Chaos und die RETORTENKINDER. But again this isn’t something promising for the future. Actually it makes me wonder why there are so many bands trying the same stuff when only a few bands actually make it to the top.
Clueless plays (emo)rock and reminds me too much of a band I’d rather won’t name at all: Good Charlotte. Do I need to go on? I thought so as well!
Next band I get to hear is The Jugs. I expect punk, I get punk. Fortunately this band uses an other kind of vocals most punk bands do. Not that these are that special, at least they try to be different than the rest, something I can always appreciate.
The Jux Junction starts with a Red Hot Chili Peppers guitar part. Throughout the song this guitar sounds stays and is accompanied by not very impressive drumming and singing. Although the song has a nice build up and doesn’t really contain many punk elements. All together it’s quite a nice song.
Last Sunset is yet another emo band that doesn’t really add anything new to the world.
Cotton Fever plays calm rock. Nothing more to say about it.
Next band up is 7YEARSBADLUCK. Well…13 in a…I think you get the point!
Last band on the album: Kensington. An emo band with a vocalist I can only imagine to be a midget when I hear his work. Nope, again not anything really worth mentioning.
Various Artists - Change The Station II
55/1001Details White Russian Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 1st, 2006

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Aug 29th, 2006

Tags: #Various Artists
Tracklisting 01. Noyalty - Without A Scent
02. Lennard - Cliff
03. AllunderAge - No Easy Words
04. Phinius Gage - Phoenix
05. Second Base - My Reply
06. Wreckyard - Opposed To I
07. The Colorado Silver - Fill The Next Glass
08. Tenement Kids - The Iron Age
09. Sidekickbob - Blut
10. Five Days Off - So Long, Farewell
11. 50/50 - Who Cares
12. Sellfish - Break Down The Walls
13. On Fire - Hell, The Devil And How To Sell Your Soul
14. BLIND TRASH - When Oceans Catch Fire
15. Conny Chaos und die RETORTENKINDER - Babylon
16. Clueless - All The Reasons
17. The Jugs - Bless You
18. The Jux Junction - Roll The Sea
19. Last Sunset - Lying Next To You
20. Cotton Fever - Communication Concept #1
21. 7YEARSBADLUCK - Good Night Sweetheart
22. Kensington - Question Mark Royale
Line up None