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Various Artists - Resident Evil: Extinction
Together with the third movie comes the third soundtrack for the Resident Evil series. 22 songs of various artists including Nightwish, Flyleaf, Poison The Well, Shadows Fall and Chimaira result in Resident Evil: Extinction. The disc also contains various exclusive remixes of well known alternative songs.

Especially the remixes make this album worth buying. The combination of Flyleaf with The Legion Of Doom results in a more loungy and groovy version of the song ā€˜Iā€™m So Sickā€™. But besides this remix you can also find remixes of Bayside, Aiden, The Bled, Emanuel and three bonus tracks for the European version of this release.

Where the previous editions of this trilogy contained two discs, Extinction only got one. And the one disc is more than enough. Where the previous ones contained several crappy songs the Extinction version keeps on flowing throughout the disc. For the Resident Evil fans worth buying, especially the various tracks which are featured in the movie are included.
Various Artists - Resident Evil: Extinction
No ScoreDetails Sony BMG
Released on Tuesday Sep 18th, 2007

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday Jan 24th, 2008

Tags: #Various Artists
Tracklisting 1. Main Title - Charlie Clouser (0:51)
2. Stupid Crazy - Shadows Fall (4:42)
3. I'm So Sick (T-virus Remix) - Flyleaf&The Legion Of Doom (3:23)
4. My World - Emigrate (4:19)
5. Duality (Project Alice String Remix) - Bayside (3:03)
6. Losing - Charlie Clouser (1:21)
7. One Love (Extinction Remix) - Aiden&The Legion Of Doom (4:03)
8. Deathcar - Fightstar (4:00)
9. I, Suicide - Throwdown (3:38)
10. White Rabbit (Spc Eco Mix) - Collide (4:44)
11. Paralyzed - Chimaira (3:09)
12. Laser Tunnel - Charlie Clouser (0:29)
13. Asleep On The Frontlilnes (Appliantz Remix) - The Bled (5:35)
14. Catch Me - City Sleeps (3:23)
15. Contagious - Searchlight (4:20)
16. Scenotaph (Dja Infected Remix) - Emanuel (4:18)
17. Sixth Of June - It Dies Today (3:06)
18. Wrecking Itself Taking You With Me - Poison The Well (3:23)
19. Convoy - Charlie Clouser (0:45)
20. Devils In The Mist - Overkill (4:36)
21. So Many People - Neurosonic (2:44)
22. Amaranth - Nightwish (3:57)
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