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Various Artists - Acquired Taste
From Sub Pop Records we received this DVD called Acquired Taste, which already slightly indicates what to expect. No mainstream, that’s for sure. But I do hear and see a lot of accessible music on this DVD. Let’s see what we’ve got on this disc, shall we?
The collection of video’s opens with The Shins, who contributed two tracks to the DVD, namely ‘New Slang’ and ‘Pink Bullets’. The Shins are a kind of folk/pop singer/songwriter act with very sweet songs, like there are many more on this disc. Like for instance Iron And Wine, Low, Rosie Thomas, The Elected and perhaps also Fruit Bats, but they’re slightly heavier than the ones mentioned before. Good for lovers of middle of the road music, who like things less standard than the TV gives you.
There is a lot of rock on this disc too, but it comes in many shapes. Like there is the post-rock band Constantines, who have one of the coolest video’s on the disc. It features a window smeared with peanut butter or something, while racoons (or some other creatures) are licking it of. Looks pretty funny, and enhanced with some light effects, it makes for a great video. Other rock acts are The Thermals, who are a bit more indie, the drug ‘n rollers of Jennifer Gentle (if this band isn’t named after a girl they all fucked…), instrumental rockers Kinski, the all-female noise/pop/rock trio Sleater-Kinney, noise/pop/rockers Love As Laughter, Rogue Wave and Mudhoney. Then there’s Chad Vangaalen. He makes a bit more experimental rock, but also makes animation video’s for his music, as well as for Love As Laughter. These are pretty cool to watch.
Furthermore there is an electro-rock band called Hot Hot Heat and a sort of electronic singer/songwriter act called The Postal Service. Then there are some experimental acts too, like Ugly Casanova, The Album Leaf, Wolf Parade and my personal favourite The Helio Sequence. Ugly Casanova also has the coolest clip for me, it’s entirely about poo, but in a very funny way. YouTube it and find out. The video for The Album Leaf is also very cool, it features a forest with all these animated cute creatures in it.
Well, Overall I must say that I am very impressed with the quality of the video’s, there are some innovative geniuses behind them for sure. Musically I’m not that pleased, but this is probably due to the fact that there is no METAL on it, haha. Nobody really screams or grunts anywhere, so I guess that metalheads should stay away from it. While fans of plain rock, indie, folk and singer/songwriter stuff will have a great time with this disc. If you’re into these styles, at least check out all the artists on this DVD.


1. The Shins – New Slang
2. Ugly Casanova – Things I Don’t Remember
3. Iron and Wine – Southern Anthem
4. The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
5. Hot Hot Heat – No Not Now
6. Constantines – Nighttime/Anytime
7. Iron and Wine – Naked as We Came
8. The Thermals – How We Know
9. The Album Leaf – On Your Way
10. The Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes
11. The Shins – Pink Bullets
12. Low – Death of a Salesman
13. Jennifer Gentle – I Do Dream You
14. The Helio Sequence – Don’t Look Away
15. Kinski – Wives of Artie Shaw
16. Sleater-Kinney – Entertain
17. Sleater-Kinney – Jumpers
18. Rosie Thomas – Pretty Dress
19. Chad VanGaalen – Clinically Dead
20. Love as Laughter – Dirty Lives
21. Fruit Bats – Lives of Crime
22. Wolf Parade – Shine A Light
23. The Elected – Not Going Home
24. Rogue Wave – Publish My Love
25. Mudhoney – It Is Us