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Various Artists - Metal's Darkside II: The Deeply Disturbed
I haven’t seen the first edition of the Metal Darkside serie when I’m about to review volume two, which is titled The Deeply Disturbed. The dvd is hosted by Jasmin St. Claire and for those who don’t know her, if you want to enter her personal site you need to be over 18. And after that, you need to pay. I don’t think I need to explain anything further! Read more on her wikipage..

This dvd consists of several interviews and videoclip’s from very diverse bands. The first band to be interviewd is Shadows Fall. Jasmin’s first comment is about Brian Fair’s extreme long dreads, she seems to love them! Other subjects that pass by are sweating armpits and their smell, bands that Shadows Fall played live with and festivals where Jasmin was present herself. It’s obvious that she hasn’t much know-how of the metalscene which is made extra clear while interviewing metal legends Suffocation: “Do you consider yourself to be thrash or death metal?”. And her description of Exodus is also worth a laugh: “death metal Bay area thrash band”.

Her sometimes embarrasing shouts don’t make this a bad dvd though. No, the opposite is true! You can see it as a potential metal comedy where bands get all kind of questions asked, sometimes to be interrupted by live footage or videoclips. The Black Dahlia Murder dudes Trevor Strand and Brian Eschbach were both drunk which also resulted in a funny conversation. And during her chat with Deconstruct she paid a lot more attention to someone else on the set. Very messy interviews but really fun to watch, although I must confess that I wouldn’t spent a dollar to buy this thing original.

Shadows Fall - Interview with Paul Romanko & Brian Fair
Suffocation - Interview with Terrance Hobbs & Frank Mullen
Suffocation - Video: "Surgery Of Impalement"
Exodus - Interview with Rick Hunolt & Gary Holt
Exodus - Video: "War Is My Shepherd"
Deconstruct - Interview with Vanessa, Joe & Skitz
Deconstruct - Live Footage: "Deeper Down"
The Black Dahlia Murder - Interview with Trevor Strand & Brian Eschbach
Arch Enemy - Interview with Sharlee D'Angelo

Bonus Footage:
Fight Paris - Video: "Complete Heat"
Firewind - Video: "Tyranny"
Suffocation - Bonus Interview