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Various Artists - 4 Those About To Rock
For everything there must be a first time. So this is my first time I’m going to review a compilation album. An album with the title 4 Those About To Rock reminds me immediately of AC/DC. The question is of course if the 4 bands on this compilation live up to the standards.
The Chuck Norris Experiment hails from Sweden, which is also the country of the famous band The Hellacopters. With their straight forward Rock’n Roll style, which looks a lot like The Hellacopters, they show that they're capable of writing quite mediocre songs. It’s not that the songs suck completely, I just miss the passion and the click that’s so important with this kind of music.
Electric Frankenstein from New Jersey has a more punk sound in it and has their influences from The Misfits, The Stooges and MC5. Their input for this album exists of three fast punk ‘n roll songs which are nothing special, although the songs are played like they have nothing left to lose. At least there’s nothing wrong with the passion for the music, now all they need is a face of their own.
The next band, The Whocares from Belgium, is a mixture of the bands that are mentioned above. Starting with the same intro that the Prodigy did long time ago they fired up this album with three songs. The fact is that only one of them is worth mentioning. During ‘Talk ‘N Tease’ the pedal goes to the metal and there’s finally a song that rocks like Satan’s balls.
The V8Wankers from Germany have the great honour of closing this album with three songs in the style of Motörhead. Sadly enough, like all the other bands on this album, they don’t manage to come even near the bands that they are influenced by. Only the song ´Love Her Back´ has a face of its own.
Although it’s always great you can record some songs with your band it’s not always good to release them on an album. In this case all the bands should come up with something original, because everything on this album was done better before. A nice album for the friends and family but that’s about it.
Various Artists - 4 Those About To Rock
50/1001Details Buzztown Productions
Released on Tuesday May 22nd, 2007
Punk 'N Roll/ Rock 'N Roll

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday May 22nd, 2007

Tags: #Various Artists
Tracklisting 01. The Chuck Norris Experiment - The Roof Is About To Cave In
02. The Chuck Norris Experiment - Riot Alright!
03. The Chuck Norris Experiment - Teenage Kicks
04. Electric Frankenstein - Lie To Me
05. Electric Frankenstein - My Distraction
06. Electric Frankenstein - Make No Mistake
07. The Whocares - Don't Give A Damn
08. The Whocares - Burn My Soul
09. The Whocares - Talk 'n Tease
10. V8Wankers - Iconoclast
11. V8Wankers - Left In The Smoke
12. V8Wankers - I Love Her Back
Line up