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Various Artists - Kill Rock Stars - Video Fanzine III
How to review a collection of weird art and music videos, released by an underground fanzine? Especially one called Kill Rock Stars, which about indicates that there’s a whole bunch of non-mainstream music to be found. I don’t know, but I’ll give it a try!
There are 26 tracks on the DVD that all vary in style and quality. Most of the bands featured on the disc perform in the regions of noise (-rock) and other experimental music, and most of the videos are arty farty weird stuff, or just live footage. There are a couple of other things, but I’ll get to them later. There are a couple of noise things I really like, for instance Deerhoof is a brilliant act that I saw somewhere earlier this year. Unfortunately the video for this band here is very short, like about thirty seconds. Another awesome act on the disc is Hella, who make some sort of math/noise with extreme drum rhythms and guitar play. Hope to hear more from them soon. My last favourite of the collection is xbxrx, who completely destroy everything in their wave of aggressive and violent noise, through basically slamming everything they have. Must be an awesome thing to see live. And then there are of course The Mae Shi, but I already reviewed a DVD by those dudes.
Now a lot of the other noise bands have some cool ideas, but overall there is a lack of talent in the bands. Mostly in the drumming and vocal section, but then again the vocals occasionally are just used to produce noise. A lot of the productions sound crappy as well, but again, it’s noise music.
There are also quite a few ‘softer’ bands, that operate in some kind of experimental country/Americana, singer/songwriter and hippie stuff, with a little rock perhaps. Such acts are Quix*o*tic, Mecca Normal and Slumber Party. The real odd fish in the pond is the German pop act Stereo Total. Sounds too accessible to be on this DVD.
Well if you are really looking for ultra-underground to nourish your hate against the established order of pop and rock stars, check the acts on this collection out. There will probably be something you like. For me watching this entire collection in a row is a bit too much to ask.