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Various Artists - Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands 10 Compilation
To make it easier on myself, I’ll use the background info on the site for this disc. They can tell it better than I can, hehe. That, and I’m a lazy fuck! From the site:
Ernie Ball has sponsored both a stage on the Warped Tour and a Battle of the Bands contest for the past ten years. What started off as a small contest for local bands to win a performance slot on the EB Warped Tour stage has grown into a huge national event. This year over 11,500 bands have entered contest. From 11,500, we have chosen the best 14 for the first Ernie Ball unsigned band Compilation CD. This will be the first time on the national stage for these bands but for many of them, it won't be the last. Several of these bands played at Warped Tour 2006, several already have major label interest and almost all are MySpace and/or Pure Volume favorites. Collectively, these bands have been and continue to be exposed to thousands of consumers. Listen and find out what all the buzz is about.
So what you get is an album filled with indie, (pop)rock, metal and some other styles. A lot of the bands on this disc like to combine indie with rock and even metal parts, which of course increases their variety. Personally I’m not too much of an indie fan, but I like to see that there are still enough directions to be taken with this style of music. Bands that like to play with this are Meriwether, The Brotherhood Of Dae Han, Karate High School, My Hometown Anthem and The Weakend. The more normal indie rock and even pop rock bands are Brightwood, Mayday Parade, A Heartwell Ending, And Then I Turned Seven, The Midnight Renewal and My Favourite Highway. Most of all these bands mentioned above here only make use of clean singing, and although the average level of the singing is quite good, it does tend to bore me quite easily.
Personally I liked the bands that didn’t operate in these genres the best. For instance there is this band called Natives Of The New Dawn that have combined soul with rap in an playful way. It’s feel-good music excellently suited for parties. Another one of those is The Flatliners, whom have mixed ska and rock in a cool way that ought to get the party started.
Of course we also have a metal band, in the shape of As Blood Turns Black, whom combine metalcore with the more extremer metal. I must say that the song starts out pretty standard, but as you get to the breakdown it will grab your attention, because after the breakdown an interesting drumbreak appears and then an even heavier breakdown kicks in. I’d like to hear more of this band!
For those who are talent scouts and just people looking for new bands, this is an excellent way to be introduced to a lot of them. I had never even heard of one of these bands on this disc, but I wont forget about them soon. Especially the metal band! :p
Various Artists - Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands 10 Compilation
No ScoreDetails Warcon Records
Released on Tuesday Sep 26th, 2006
Rock & other

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Dec 7th, 2006

Tags: #Various Artists
Tracklisting 1. Meriwether- R.I.P. New Orleans
2. Brightwood- Sit Still
3. The Brotherhood of Dae Han- Bury Me
4. Mayday Parade- When I get Home You're So Dead
5. Natives Of The New Dawn- People
6. A Heartwell Ending- Give Up To Give In
7. ANd Then I Turned Seven- Headspin
8. The Flatliners- Bad News
9. As Blood Runs Black- In Dying Days
10. The Midnight Renewal- The Lottery
11. Karate High School- Twice Upon A Time (110%)
12. My Favorite Highway- How To Call A Bluff
13. Hometown Anthem- Like No Other
14. The Weakend- The Sudden Loss of Innocence
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