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Various Artists - Core Sampler
As the title of this disc already announces, this CD is a sampler, which means that there are different bands on it. But this, my dear readers, isn’t just ‘a disc’; this is an incredibly good one! Imagine the world’s most specialised Hardcore/Metalcore record labels concentrate forces on one album, which kinda means you’ll hear the best bands in this genre on one disc. What more can you ask for?! Well… I can’t actually.
BUT… there is more. Because it’s a promotional sampler only, it means that you can’t buy it. You can get it for free though, if you buy an album of one of the artists that are on this sampler. This (in my opinion) automatically leads to a big benefit! It’s actually a kind of “two CDs for the price of one”-campaign. And when you think this was all, you’re wrong! Because all the albums of the artists on this sampler, are low-prices albums as well.
I think that Roadrunner Records, Trustkill Records and Ferret Music are offering an awesome sampler here, and if you’re a real Hardcore/Metalcore fan you definitely got to buy one of the albums mentioned on this sampler so you’ll get this disc for free. With this sampler you’ll get a nice compilation of your whole “Core-collection”. Quite a nice disc if you’re in the mood for some variation blasting out of your speakers.
One thing left to say: this campaign is running until the end of the month March. So hurry up and get your lazy asses to the closest CD-shop!
1. Bleeding Through – Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire
2. Trivium – Like Light To Flies
3. Throwdown – Forever
4. Walls Of Jericho – There’s No I In Fuck You
5. Most Precious Blood – The Great Red Shift
6. Terror – Overcome
7. Blood Has Been Shed – She Speaks To Me
8. Twelve Tribes – Venus Complex
9. Caliban – The Beloved And  The Hatred
10. Poison The Well – Botchla
11. Open Hand – Tough Girl
12. Hopesfall – Icarus
13. Eighteen Visions – You Broke Like Glass
14. Every Time I Die – I Been Gone A Long Time
15. Scarlet – Untitled
16. Illdisposed – Dark
17. Zao – The Rising End
18. 3 Inches Of Blood – Deadly Sinners