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Various Artists - Change The Station

Change the station is a compilation that takes you from emo to punk and back to screamo. The CD is released by White Russian Records, a label that’s located in Den Bosch (NL). With bands in such different styles it’s hard to imagine what to expect.

I had to get used to this CD because the mastering is quite bad. Some songs are a lot louder then others. While all the songs are taken from material that already was recorded, the order of the songs is a bit strange. The songs are not in a logical order when considering the different styles and not in a logical order when you listen to the mix. This makes the CD very hard to listen to. For example, Evilsons, the only ska band on this compilation, can be found between Ass If (a hardcore band that reminds me of Maypole) and Noyalty, a punk rock band that sounds like they listened to Bad Religion very carefully.

Some of the songs on the CD are quite good. With bands that are working hard to reach their goals, what else to expect? “The Hope” by Superhero and “In These Days” by A Common Ground are songs that are really standing out. Just like “No Future” from The Bips and “Laptops Hurt Your Balls” by The Spastik Spankers. Those songs sound like they are broadcast-ready. The mix is good and the bands manage to play tight. On the other hand I think some of the bands on the compilation need to work harder. They have got good spirit and great ideas, but it just doesn’t live up to their promise. The best examples on the CD are the songs by Rentokill and Noyalty. Great bands, but I’m sure they can do much better.

So in general, most of the bands on this album just manage to put something together that I can only qualify as average. Too bad, because I really support compilations put together by small labels to support the bands or the scene. While the compilation only costs 7 Euros and there are a lot of good bands on it, there isn’t much to complain about.

About the artwork, I can be short here. At first the artwork reminded me more of a sleazy cheap rock ‘n roll demo. It is cheap but clear, only I don’t really think it fits with the music on the CD. Though, the name of the compilation, “Change the Station”, and the image of a car radio, really fit together very well.

Would I buy this CD? No. But if you are fan of one or more of the bands, I think you should have it. Just to support the band. For promotional purposes this CD is very useful.

Various Artists - Change The Station
60/1001Details White Russian Records
Released on Thursday Aug 25th, 2005
Punk, Emo, Ska

Writer @Cymric on Thursday Aug 25th, 2005

Tags: #Various Artists
Tracklisting 1. Smash The Statues / 175504 (2:21)
2. The Invisibles / One Last Song About Summer (3:33)
3. Antillectual / Raisedfistfuckyou (2:59)
4. Brandnewday / Join Hands (2:42)
5. Ephen Rian / Escape Of No Avail (3:33)
6. Close Second / Defence (2:48)
7. Superhero / The Hope (4:03)
8. A Common Ground / In These Days (2:28)
9. Five Years Later / Kill Me On Time (3:00)
10. Rentokill / Sounds Of A Pityful End (3:43)
11. Ass If / Time Is Now (3:19)
12. Evilsons / Walk (3:29)
13. Noyalty / Leftover (2:35)
14. Victim / Fake Emotion Wonderland (3:58)
15. Astpai / Upon Receipt Of Our Instructions (2:44)
16. Simple Assumption / Fading Away (2:37)
17. The Bips / No Future (3:28)
18. Awaiting Seasons / Like You Always Do (3:22)
19. Spastik Spankers / Laptops Hurt Your Balls (1:09)
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