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The Ghost Inside, Deez Nuts, Stray From The Path, Devil In Me - A lovely afternoon performance with a sour ending

It had been quite a while since The Ghost Inside has toured in Holland as headliner, nevertheless they have performed here quite some times. Today they were back, together with Deez Nuts, Stray From The Path and Devil In Me. Still, it started out badly for some people because they stood in line for the cloakroom for at least half an hour.

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Devil In Me
Devil In Me
was a little less familiar to me than the others on the bill this Sunday. They sounded like they were influenced by Comeback Kid and Biohazard, but the band didn’t seem to convince the crowd. However, I want to show some respect to this band because the lead vocalist also had to play the guitar during the last half of this tour. Unfortunately the lead guitarist had to leave due to family issues. This is why they probably lacked some energy, because he looked a bit like Scott Vogel from Terror and I’m convinced he has the same amount of energy. They ended with a more familiar number and there was even a little pit.

After a short amount of time it was time for a band that got quite some people to the venue today, Stray From The Path. Once again the alternative hardcore by these Americans kicked in perfectly, although the sound wasn’t that good during their set. Nevertheless there was still quite some movement, certainly during songs like ‘Damian’ and ‘Death Beds’. This proved that many people came to see this band. The sing-alongs were OK today as well.

Next up was the party-act Deez Nuts, all the way from Down Under. Of course they started with one of their most-known songs: ‘Like There’s No Tomorrow’. From this song on the movement was perfect. Stagedivers, moshpits, hardcore dancing, a big pile to sing-along, you name it. These guys just got what they deserved. The energy of the band resulted in even more energy from the crowd, but also the tightness of their performance gave them even more respect. Hipcore or hardhop, I don’t know how you want to call it, but Deez Nuts is one of the bands to show you that such a mix works perfectly, and best live! They played for about 40 minutes and songs like ‘Your Mother Should Have Swallowed You’, ‘Fuck What You Think’ and  ‘If You Don’t Know, Now You Know’ passed and the energy kept going. When ‘I Hustle Everyday’ kicked in the venue went crazy and they had a little cherry on top for the fans with ‘Stay True’. A very good performance by this band, go check ‘em out if you can!

For the last time in three weeks The Ghost Inside entered the stage. They gained many fans in Holland by their performances on The Never Say Die! Tour, but as always they probably got even more fans today. Some people thought there were a lot of stagedivers during Deez Nuts, but they were literally thrown down during this set. The people just kept on going, diving, crawling over each other while crowdsurfing and of course the pits and hardcore dancing didn’t stop either. This is another band that shows the energy on the stage and gets it back twice as hard from the crowd. The thing I loved most is that the lead vocalist let the crowd sing along, even if they joined him on stage. A lot of bands would be pissed if someone would come up on the stage and sing into the mic, but this band seemed to love it. Songs like ‘Outlive’, ‘Provoke’, ‘Deceiver’ and ‘Thirty Three’ were played and got the crowd going. Unfortunately the band left the stage after ‘Between The Lines’ but of course they came back to play ‘Engine 45’. They had already played for an hour when this great performance came to an end.

At the ending of the show, the exit was blocked by security and everybody got frisked. The reason became clear afterwards: a lot of phones were stolen by pickpockets. A sad ending for such a great evening!