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Bury Tomorrow, Chunk No Captain Chunk!, Embrace The Day - Never thought to see this awesome band in such a small venue
After seeing Bury Tomorrow perform at the special label night at Summer Breeze, I couldn’t wait to see the band again. I was pretty excited when I heard that the band would play in Dynamo, because this was the best sized venue I could think of. When I heard the band would open the tour there and that they would play in the small room of Dynamo, I was flabbergasted that they would play for a maximum of 150 people. The band wouldn’t play alone for this small amount of people and brought co-headliner Chunk, No Captain Chunk! and support act Embrace The Day along.

Dutch band Embrace The Day began playing when about 40 people were in the room, but more walked in during their set. The band gave it all, but they didn’t really stand out. On the other hand, if it was their mission to get people into the room, drink a beer and talk with each other, they did a perfect job. Their performance wasn’t very tight, the sound wasn’t perfect, but it was an okay opening act and the band members enjoyed themselves very much.

After seeing Chunk, No Captain Chunk! back in 2011 with Miss May I, I couldn’t be less excited for this poppunk/core band. Because of this low expectation, or maybe just because they have grown a lot, the band wasn’t that bad at all. There were definitely some fans of this band among the few people in the venue. A few bouncing people screamed along to many lyrics and some others were enjoying this performance very much as well. This still wasn’t the genre I would ever listen to, but it was okay to listen to live. If you would like to see a heavier version of a band like Sum 41, this could be your band.

While some people left, Bury Tomorrow started playing in this very small room. Already during the first song it was safe to say that this band would perform superbly once again. The band played quite tight, the clean vocals were spot on, and the lead vocals were pretty good as well. The band didn’t seem to care that the venue was quite small and gave the same amount of energy as they did when they performed for a few thousand people last year at Summer Breeze. Some people jumped around in a moshpit during the previous band, but the pit was a little tougher now.  A few hardcore dancers and a lot of energy filled up the room. There were even some crowd surfers who tried to avoid the lights on the ceiling while they were surfing around.

The band played songs from every record during the small amount of time they had on stage. Songs like “Lionheart”, “Man On Fire”, and “You & I” were played, and the band were really enjoying themselves. The band also loved the energy from this small crowd and tried something new this tour. Instead of kneeling down, something bands like Slipknot are well-known for, the band wanted to see everybody lie down on the ground and then suddenly jump up to mosh even further. After a much too short set list, lead vocalist Daniel announced that normally the band would walk off stage and the crowd would scream so the band would do an encore. However, he just wanted the crowd to make some noise. Sadly, the performance already came to an end after this song and the crowd had to return home.

I can’t wait to see Bury Tomorrow again, and I hope that they will bring better suited support acts with them next time.